Stephen Holden, New York Times

  1. Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil Le Clercq 2014 It offers hardheaded commentary about the rigors of a dancer's life and how everyone who chooses a dance career is aware of its brevity. full review
  2. Devil's Knot 2014 The real-life characters, as shown in the documentaries, are far more colorful and quirky than they appear in these well-acted but comparatively safe performances. full review
  3. Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me 2014 On a deeper level, "Shoot Me" is an unflinchingly honest examination of a woman who is aware that the end is approaching. full review
  4. G.B.F. 2014 "G.B.F" works its concept to death as its silly story builds to a prom scene that revolves around a tepid, underwhelming homage to "Carrie." full review
  5. Two Lives 2014 "Two Lives" is an absorbing, well-acted, moderately suspenseful mystery, although its time line of events is fuzzy to the point of impenetrability. full review
  6. And Now A Word From Our Sponsor 2013 To describe "And Now a Word From Our Sponsor" as a one-joke skit stretched well beyond the breaking point isn't entirely fair, because when used ingeniously, which is very seldom, the joke lands. full review
  7. And While We Were Here 2013 The marital crisis at the movie's heart has lost its allegorical weight. Jane and Leonard are just another unhappy couple with problems that have nothing to do with the direction of Western civilization. full review
  8. The Angels' Share 2013 Watching it is like receiving a hard slap in the face from someone who expects you to laugh it off, even though the sting lingers. full review
  9. Antiviral 2013 Eventually the clammy spell of this handsomely designed but solemnly paced movie begins to wear off, and you long for a little action or at least some fresh air. full review
  10. Arthur Newman 2013 The film equivalent of a dysfunctional computer sloppily assembled from discarded parts of other machines. full review
  11. Big Sur 2013 "Big Sur" cracks the code of how to adapt Jack Kerouac for the screen. full review
  12. The Big Wedding 2013 The screenplay is chopped up into smutty sound bites constructed around the notion that casual obscenity delivered by respected actors of a certain age is hilarious. But it's just embarrassing. full review
  13. Broken 2013 At a certain point, Mr. Norris forsakes realism for theatricalized fantasy, and "Broken" ultimately loses its stylistic cohesion, if not its humanity. full review
  14. Call Me Kuchu 2013 A scary but inspiring film with real heroes and villains. full review
  15. Camille Claudel, 1915 2013 Ms. Binoche's portrayal of Camille is one of the most wrenching performances she has given. full review
  16. Charlie Countryman 2013 This catastrophe of a movie zigzags drunkenly between action-adventure and surreal comedy with some magical realism slopped over it like ketchup. full review
  17. Crystal Fairy 2013 [A] small, lovely road movie ... full review
  18. Dirty Wars 2013 Pessimistic, grimly outraged and utterly riveting ... full review
  19. Electrick Children 2013 "Electrick Children" is well acted and refreshingly nonjudgmental, but its narrative continuity is tenuous at best. full review
  20. Emperor 2013 Mr. Jones's performance is the only spark within this otherwise dull, well-mannered exercise. full review
  21. The English Teacher 2013 Perversely determined to make you laugh. You're more likely to squirm, though ... full review
  22. Everyday 2013 Moment by moment, it all adds up. The scenes of the family huddling and hugging, greeting and parting, and reaffirming primal bonds are quietly moving. full review
  23. The Family 2013 It doesn't even try for basic credibility. But buoyed by hot performances, it sustains a zapping electrical energy. full review
  24. The Frozen Ground 2013 The movie's only fresh element is the wintry setting, which shrouds everything in a mood of weary fatalism. Otherwise, it's the same old, same old, efficiently discharged and utterly disposable. full review
  25. Future Weather 2013 [A] tiny, beautifully acted movie ... full review
  26. Gideon's Army 2013 "Gideon's Army" is a bare film with no narrator and a minimal soundtrack. That's all it needs to grab you by the throat. full review
  27. The Hot Flashes 2013 In critical ways, the movie is a mess. The basketball scenes are so sloppy and haphazard that the would-be slapstick registers as confusion. But away from the court, the actors bring their caricatures to folksy comic life. full review
  28. The Iceman 2013 Michael Shannon's mesmerizing portrayal of Richard Kuklinski, a notorious contract killer, has the paradoxical quality, peculiar to many great screen performances, of being unreadable and transparent. full review
  29. If I Were You 2013 Buried in the bloat of Joan Carr-Wiggin's interminable "If I Were You" are the seeds of what might have been a lean, snappy farce about duplicitous, adulterous games. full review
  30. The Last Days On Mars 2013 Once it turns into a horror movie, "The Last Days on Mars" loses its originality and becomes the usual us-against-them battle between the dead and the undead. full review
  31. Last Love 2013 This dull, dawdling film, adapted from Francoise Dorner's novel "La Douceur Assassine," eventually succumbs to sentimentality. full review
  32. Love Sick Love 2013 "Love Sick Love" deteriorates into a series of pranks that are not funny enough to register as comedy or brutal enough to qualify as horror. full review
  33. Machete Kills 2013 Until your eyes glaze over after about a half-hour, "Machete Kills" might put a twisted smirk of guilty amusement on your face. full review
  34. Movie 43 2013 Once you're attuned to the movie's desperation to shock, you begin to have that jaded, ho-hum feeling. full review
  35. Narco Cultura 2013 There is nothing here that hasn't been more thoroughly documented in other studies of the drug-related crime that grips Juarez. full review
  36. Newlyweeds 2013 "Newlyweeds," for all its freshness, never really lands. It remains suspended in a haze of secondhand smoke. full review
  37. Night Train To Lisbon 2013 After barely stirring to life, "Night Train to Lisbon" mercifully expires. full review
  38. Only God Forgives 2013 What is on Mr. Refn's mind? Here is what he says in a director's note: "The original concept for the film was to make a movie about a man who wants to fight God." All right. Whatever. full review
  39. Paradise: Hope 2013 Instead of being contemptuous and sardonic, the portrait of inchoate adolescent longing in "Paradise: Hope" is poignant. full review
  40. Paranoia 2013 In critical ways the movie feels both out of date and out of touch. full review
  41. The Playroom 2013 "The Playroom" captures the malaise of mid-'70s suburbia with a merciless accuracy not seen since Ang Lee's 1997 film, "The Ice Storm." full review
  42. Populaire 2013 "Populaire" tells the kind of transcendentally silly fairy tale that has long been a French cinematic specialty. full review
  43. Renoir 2013 The movie, like its subject, refuses to stir up unnecessary melodrama. full review
  44. Shadow Dancer 2013 "Shadow Dancer" is ominously subdued and grimly taciturn. The dialogue is minimal. Only what has to be said is said, and the tone of most of it is one of quiet urgency. full review
  45. Starbuck 2013 "Starbuck" is up to its eyeballs in mush. You may want to regurgitate. full review
  46. Stuck in Love 2013 Although "Stuck in Love" is an indie film, it hews slavishly to Hollywood formulas right down to its comfy Thanksgiving Day ending. It's all so easy, isn't it? full review
  47. Supporting Characters 2013 This well-acted film captures a generational and occupational sliver of New York life that rings true. full review
  48. Touchy Feely 2013 "Touchy Feely" becomes disoriented and doesn't recover its direction. full review
  49. Unfinished Song 2013 It may be hokum, but it gets to you. full review
  50. Upside Down 2013 The novelty of the idea, which suggests a less elegant offshoot of M. C. Escher drawings, quickly wears thin. The production design is too busy, and the film's desaturated palette is forbiddingly austere. full review
  51. War Witch 2013 The movie is committed to revealing the world through Komona's eyes, and you never feel a taint of voyeurism or condescension. It stays true to her. full review
  52. Winnie Mandela 2013 Ms. Hudson's frequent and distracting costume changes are a sign of deeper problems in a movie that wants to be all things to all people, especially women. full review
  53. Wish You Were Here 2013 The time you spend trying to piece together a mystery that is presented as a teasing puzzle inevitably diverts you from deeper identification with characters who are not particularly sympathetic to begin with. full review
  54. You Will Be My Son 2013 The parallel dramas underline the universal theme of primal jealousy, as fathers confront the prospect of their sons superseding them. full review
  55. 17 Girls 2012 The movie takes you inside the dreamy collective mentality of bored, mildly rebellious girls who look with horror at the lives of their mostly working-class parents. full review
  56. 28 Hotel Rooms 2012 "28 Hotel Rooms" slowly expires for lack of air. full review
  57. All Together 2012 A dour Gallic comedy about five septuagenarian friends living comfortably in the outskirts of Paris who decide to share a house rather than move into retirement homes. full review
  58. Any Day Now 2012 An outraged, unblinking depiction of institutionalized homophobia three decades ago, when the prevailing court opinion in adoption cases was that exposing a child to a homosexual environment was harmful. full review
  59. The Awakening 2012 For all of its airs of refinement, "The Awakening" is pretty stale stuff. full review
  60. The Big Picture 2012 If some of the plot details defy credibility, Romain Duris's electrifying performance makes you overlook any inconsistencies, as his likable character becomes a man on the run barely able to stifle his panic. full review
  61. Brake 2012 "Brake" is a full-scale paranoid nightmare with back-to-back double-whammy endings. full review
  62. Cafe de Flore 2012 Feels less like a movie than like a cinematic jigsaw puzzle whose agitation undermines the very continuity it wants to portray. full review
  63. Carol Channing: Larger Than Life 2012 Carol Channing is 91 going on 7. That is meant as a compliment. full review
  64. Cheerful Weather For The Wedding 2012 The glossy appearance and trappings may evoke standard Anglophile nostalgia, but below the veneer is a cynical portrait of bored, shallow Britons halfheartedly going through the motions of a celebration. full review
  65. Collaborator 2012 An exceedingly earnest, high-minded hostage drama in which any visceral tension is secondary to topical debates by a captor and his prisoner. full review
  66. Dark Tide 2012 It is often impossible to figure out what's going on. full review
  67. Detachment 2012 Even at its most ludicrous - when it is shouting into your ear - its sheer audacity grabs your attention. full review
  68. Elles 2012 In case you have forgotten, all women are prostitutes, and all men are johns. full review
  69. First Winter 2012 It haunted me the first time I saw it and even more so the second time. full review
  70. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas 2012 Manages the considerable feat of interweaving the personal dramas of nine members of a boisterous Irish-American clan into a coherent mosaic with a streamlined narrative drive. full review
  71. Fred Won't Move Out 2012 Except for a subplot about a missing cat that suggests that Fred may be considerably dottier than he appears, the movie gets almost everything right about the uncomfortable moment when grown children are forced to be their parents' parents. full review
  72. Generation Um... 2012 What does it add up to? Um ... I have no idea and don't really care. full review
  73. God Bless America 2012 Mr. Goldthwait's screenplay is essentially a comedy act fleshed out with a story he doesn't try to make convincing. full review
  74. The Good Doctor 2012 If "The Good Doctor" isn't a bad movie, it tells only half the story. full review
  75. Grassroots 2012 Although it only glosses the mechanics of local politics, it exudes an endearingly scruffy charm. full review
  76. How to Survive a Plague 2012 If the movie expresses equal measures of sadness and outrage, it is charged with the exhilarating excitement felt by soldiers on the front lines of battle. full review
  77. In Our Nature 2012 The confessions and conflicts that bubble up feel real and lived, if overly familiar to connoisseurs of that dreaded genre known as the dysfunctional-family drama. full review
  78. Jesus Henry Christ 2012 So what is "Jesus Henry Christ" about? full review
  79. The Magic of Belle Isle 2012 The magic of this new movie's title emanates from the beautiful, measured performances of its stars. full review
  80. Marley 2012 A riveting two-and-a-half-hour documentary biography... full review
  81. More Than Honey 2012 A fascinating but rambling documentary about the decimation of the world's bee population through the phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder. full review
  82. Nobody Walks 2012 You feel the characters' pangs as they spin out of control, and you are reminded of how easy it is for a careless sexual adventurer to destroy relationships and families on a whim, without even fully realizing it. full review
  83. Not Fade Away 2012 By focusing on musicians who are talented but finally not good or persistent enough to succeed in the big time, "Not Fade Away" offers a poignant, alternative, antiheroic history of the big beat. full review
  84. Nuit #1 2012 They invest so much humanity in their miserable characters that despite your dislike, you empathize enough to think, there but for the grace of God. full review
  85. Perfect Sense 2012 A solemn sci-fi parable set in present-day Glasgow, whose deepening sense of foreboding is sustained by the enigmatic, pseudo-biblical reflections of an unseen narrator. full review
  86. Price Check 2012 Parker Posey cuts a ferociously funny swath through Michael Walker's "Price Check," a corporate comedy that tells you more than you ever wanted to know about the hypercompetitive world of retail marketing. full review
  87. Red Hook Summer 2012 Spike Lee's messy, meandering, bluntly polemical "Red Hook Summer" has one crucial ingredient: a raw vitality. full review
  88. Sleepwalk With Me 2012 More than just a glorified stand-up act. full review
  89. Struck by Lightning 2012 Except for Ms. Janney's monstrous mother and an Alzheimer's-afflicted grandmother (Polly Bergen), "Struck by Lightning" gives its characters no dimension. full review
  90. The Waiting Room 2012 By removing any editorial screen, it confronts you head-on with human suffering that a more humane and equitable system might help alleviate. full review
  91. Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale 2012 As the war drags on, "Warriors of the Rainbow" outstays its welcome. I've never seen more severed heads in a film and cared less. full review
  92. Whores' Glory 2012 [A] quietly powerful but dispiriting documentary, which compares the world's oldest profession as practiced from place to place. full review
  93. The Wise Kids 2012 "The Wise Kids" is a guileless exploration of the growing pains of sheltered innocents whose reticence and sincerity evoke 1950s small-town values. full review
  94. The Zen Of Bennett 2012 The way Mr. Bennett talks is the way he sings. There is no subtext, only the song conveyed with knowledge, heart, a sophisticated sense of swing and a positive attitude. full review
  95. Angels Crest 2011 Despite several solid performances, the characters are too hazily sketched and too loosely linked to form a meaningful chain. full review
  96. Beautiful Darling 2011 A sad, lyrical reflection on the foolish worship of movie stars. full review
  97. Brighton Rock 2011 Mr. Joffe has turned "Brighton Rock" into a full-scale film noir with the stylistic undertow of a more modern British gangster movie. full review
  98. Cat Run 2011 An incoherent hybrid of buddy movie, "Girls Gone Wild" episode and James Bond spoof that employs cheap cinematic tricks like multiple split screens for no apparent purpose. full review
  99. Cracks 2011 In many ways "Cracks" is lurid and rickety. But its gripping ensemble performances lend it an emotional intensity that outweighs its shortcomings. full review
  100. I Don't Know How She Does It 2011 "I Don't Know How She Does It" seems stuck in the past. full review
  101. I Melt with You 2011 By the end, you feel nothing, not even contempt. full review
  102. Khodorkovsky 2011 The visually snazzy film has stark, ominous, mostly black-and-white computer-animated sequences depicting Mr. Khodorkovsky's initial arrest. full review
  103. The Ledge 2011 What undoes it is its mechanical structure: a stale dramatic formula of the sort taught in elementary playwriting classes. full review
  104. My Piece of the Pie 2011 Paints an alluring picture of a pan-European cosmopolitan culture whose characters hopscotch from one country to another with hardly a second thought in a lighthearted floating party. full review
  105. The Perfect Host 2011 Not even Mr. Pierce's best efforts can make sense of a character who by the end of the film seems to be a completely different person with the same name. full review
  106. Seven Days In Utopia 2011 [A] humorless, mystically fortified golfing movie... full review
  107. Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness 2011 It is a rich, beautifully organized and illustrated modern history of Eastern European Jewry examined through the life and work of the author, born Sholem Rabinovich in Pereyaslav (near Kiev) in 1859. full review
  108. That's What I Am 2011 Mr. Harris's depiction of a saintly, soft-spoken, bow-tie-wearing middle-school teacher lends the movie a moral weight it probably couldn't have summoned had another actor played the role. full review
  109. We Were Here 2011 An extraordinarily moving, beautifully edited documentary... full review
  110. 3 Backyards 2010 Little is left to chance, and every detail contributes to a tightly schematic, microcosmic poetic concept. full review
  111. Centurion 2010 For all its analogies to Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, or wherever, the underlying thrust of Centurion is its celebration of bloodlust. full review
  112. Freakonomics 2010 Amiably passes the time. full review
  113. Heartbeats 2010 The new movie confirms Mr. Dolan as a wildly talented, carelessly extravagant filmmaker nakedly in thrall to idols like Wong Kar-wai, Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, Bernardo Bertolucci and Pedro Almodovar. full review
  114. Inhale 2010 Filmed in a semi-documentary style, it fitfully aspires to moral seriousness. full review
  115. Legendary 2010 Follows a straight narrative line to its cliched ending without a deviation from formula. full review
  116. A Marine Story 2010 Ms. Weber (Mr. Farr's wife) anchors the movie with a gritty, honest performance that has the same to-the-bone quality as Melissa Leo's in Frozen River. full review
  117. Severe Clear 2010 Puts you in the boots of a Marine fighting in Iraq in 2003.
  118. The Switch 2010 The first third of The Switch, directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, is so bizarre that it leads you to wonder if, through some miraculous lack of oversight, the movie will blaze an unpredictable path. No such luck. full review
  119. Waiting for Forever 2010 More often than not, I felt suffocated by the gaseous sentimentality and lightheadedness of a story that drops in subplots that it can't begin to develop. full review
  120. Waste Land 2010 [An] inspiring documentary. full review
  121. An American Affair 2009 Subscribes wholeheartedly to the history-as-pornography school of thinking, in which all will be revealed if you can figure out who is sleeping with whom, when and where and what they do in bed.
  122. The Fourth Kind 2009 May be humorless, paranoid nonsense, but its biggest failure is its inability to scare.
  123. I Hate Valentine's Day 2009 You might blame Nora Ephron, whose screenplay for When Harry Met Sally established the formula that I Hate Valentine's Day runs into the ground. Compared with this, Ms. Ephron is Chekhov.
  124. Objectified 2009 As sleek and handsome as any of the new and improved household items it exhibits.
  125. Serious Moonlight 2009 Serious Moonlight suggests an unholy, watered-down hybrid of The Ref and Funny Games, played as a chirpy screwball comedy.
  126. Constantine's Sword 2008 At once enthralling and troubling...does about as good a job as you could hope of distilling a 750-page historical examination of religious zealotry and power into 95 swift minutes. full review
  127. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father 2008 It is impossible not to be fired up by Kurt Kuenne's incendiary cri de coeur, Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father.
  128. Eldorado 2008 A road movie that poignantly juggles absurdism and melancholy.
  129. Gardens of the Night 2008 Gardens of the Night is a harrowing story of kidnapping and forced child prostitution that conjures a world entirely populated by predators and prey.
  130. Humboldt County 2008 So much pot is smoked in the agreeable drama Humboldt County that you may come away from it with a contact high.
  131. Management 2008 If it isn't half as good -- or as funny -- as its forerunners, it maintains its integrity as a small, sweet-natured comedy that refuses to obey the commercial dictates of Hollywood by allowing its characters to determine their own zany destinies.
  132. Tony Manero 2008 More than an indelible portrait of a sociopath with the soul of a zombie, Tony Manero is an extremely dark meditation on borrowed cultural identity. full review
  133. Were the World Mine 2008 Were the World Mine, an indie alternative to Disney's High School Musical franchise, is a small, endearing film.
  134. The Babysitters 2007 Until it crosses a shadowy line dividing serious comedy from distasteful exploitation, The Babysitters has the makings of an incisive satire of greed and lust in suburbia. full review
  135. Before the Rains 2007 The ingredients of the Indian director Santosh Sivan's period piece Before the Rains may be awfully familiar, but the film lends them the force of tragedy.
  136. Cidade dos Homens (City of Men) 2007 City of Men is a rootin'-tootin' gangster movie shot in the notoriously lawless shantytowns overlooking the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.
  137. Day Zero 2007 If the abysmal reception so far for films about the war in Iraq is any indication, Day Zero is the last thing movie audiences will want to consume. full review
  138. Flawless 2007 Flawless is a mildly diverting period heist movie in which an odd couple conspire to loot an evil London diamond company, for which they both work.
  139. How About You 2007 A good scolding and a toke on a joint: that's all it takes to turn the curmudgeonly old folks in How About You into goofy pussycats. full review
  140. Phoebe in Wonderland 2007 It leaves you frustrated and annoyed. full review
  141. The Pool 2007 The Pool takes a look at the lives of the haves and the someday might haves in Goa.
  142. Sangre De Mi Sangre 2007 Although it exhibits a heartfelt connection with the city's half-invisible population of illegal immigrants, its myriad inconsistencies and strained plotting are increasingly frustrating.
  143. Taxidermia 2005 Produces nightmarish horror and formal beauty in a surreal, Central European blend.
  144. Commune 2005 Commune, a breezy, informal history of a long-running California commune begun in the summer of 1968 and still in existence, offers the fascinating spectacle of observing people then and now.
  145. Stoned 2005 Stoned, Stephen Woolley's convoluted docudrama examining the final weeks in the life of the guitarist Brian Jones ... stalls in its own laborious accumulation of detail.
  146. Agnes and His Brothers 2004 The feverish libidos wreaking emotional havoc in Oskar Roehler's infantile sex comedy are a quintessentially Germanic mixture of kinky, obsessive and sentimental.
  147. Fond Kiss..., Ae, (Just a Kiss) 2004 English-language East-West domestic dramas usually tip the scales in favor of modernity... But A Fond Kiss is equally sympathetic to each side. full review
  148. People I Know 2003 The movie's stock 60's nostalgia is annoyingly facile. In glibly evoking heroes like Kennedy and King, the movie succumbs to the same mindless name-dropping it purports to decry. full review
  149. Blackwoods 2002 It turns out to be smarter and more diabolical than you could have guessed at the beginning. full review
  150. Bukowski: Born into This 2002 Without straining, this definitive, deeply engrossing film biography makes a strong case for Charles Bukowski as a major American poet. full review
  151. The Deserted Station 2002 A bluntly heart-tugging city-mouse, country-mouse fable from Iran. full review
  152. Paid in Full 2002 Instead of a hyperbolic beat-charged urban western, it's an unpretentious, sociologically pointed slice of life. full review
  153. Children Underground 2001 A singularly depressing film. full review
  154. Love the Hard Way 2001 Loses tension (and ultimately credibility) as it wanders through three possible endings before grinding to a halt. full review
  155. New York in the Fifties 2001 full review
  156. Gossip 2000 Although Gossip comes with a heavy dose of moralism about dating etiquette and truth-telling, the movie's vision of contemporary youth is as corrupt and prurient as that of Cruel Intentions. full review
  157. About Adam 2000 About Adam rests almost entirely on the shoulders of Stuart Townsend, who brings to the movie's duplicitous title character a winningly light touch. full review
  158. Butterfly 2000 full review
  159. Presque rien (Come Undone) 2000 It captures the uncertainty and emotional turbulence of late adolescence with a poignancy that a more clinically articulate movie never could. full review
  160. Croupier 2000 Clive Owen conveys a sharp, cynical intelligence that rolls off the screen in waves whenever he widens his glittering blue eyes. full review
  161. Malena 2000 Flushed with emotion and a buoyant earthy humor, Malena is a yarn that sticks with you. full review
  162. Brokedown Palace 1999 full review
  163. An Ideal Husband 1999 In adapting the play, Mr. Parker has streamlined and rewritten Wilde's dialogue, keeping some (but not all) of Wilde's biting epigrams and scraping off a lot (perhaps too much) of the Victorian crust. full review
  164. Kadosh 1999 full review
  165. Mansfield Park 1999 Ms. Rozema has made a film whose satiric bite is sharper than that of the usual high-toned romantic costume drama. full review
  166. My Life so Far 1999 full review
  167. She's All That 1999 She's All That is essentially a formulaic comedy, but it has enough glimmerings of originality and wit to make you wish it were much bolder and funnier than it turns out to be. full review
  168. The Wood 1999 A savvy, good-natured comedy! full review
  169. Cousin Bette 1998 full review
  170. Ever After: A Cinderella Story 1998 Veering wildly between farce and suds, the movie never makes up its mind whether it's a spoof, a soap opera or a feminist pep talk. full review
  171. Funny Games 1998 This beautifully acted and paced German variant of Cape Fear ... is tricked out with a number of Brechtian devices to catch audiences in a voyeuristic trance. full review
  172. Nightwatch 1998 full review
  173. Phantoms 1998 full review
  174. Pi 1998 As smart as it is, 'Pi' is awfully hard to watch. Filmed with hand-held cameras in splotchy black-and-white and crudely edited, it has the style and attitude of a no-budget midnight movie. full review
  175. The Replacement Killers 1998 full review
  176. Talk of Angels 1998 full review
  177. Wide Awake 1998 Beneath its suffocating, smug sentimentality, you have to look hard to uncover a single moment of truth and genuine feeling. full review
  178. The Castle 1997 full review
  179. The House of Yes 1997 There are many gaping holes between the funny moments. full review
  180. Office Killer 1997 It doesn't offer a single moment of visceral or emotional electricity. full review
  181. The Wings of the Dove 1997 full review
  182. Adrenalin: Fear the Rush 1996 full review
  183. Boyfriends 1996 full review
  184. Brassed Off 1996 Shamelessly manipulative and sentimental, but in an agreeably familiar way. full review
  185. The Craft 1996 full review
  186. The Crow: City of Angels 1996 Utterly devoid of energy and shock value. full review
  187. Down Periscope 1996 The tone of the acting, which is set by Mr. Grammer's blandly laid-back performance, is all wrong for a genre that demands over-the-top hamming. full review
  188. Harriet the Spy 1996 full review
  189. Muppet Treasure Island 1996 full review
  190. Unhook the Stars 1996 full review
  191. The Big Green 1995 full review
  192. Cry, the Beloved Country 1995 full review
  193. Dead Man 1995
  194. Fallen Angels 1995 A densely packed suite of zany vignettes that have the autonomy of pop songs or stand-up comic riffs. full review
  195. A Month by the Lake 1995 full review
  196. The Prophecy 1995 full review
  197. Forrest Gump 1994 Forrest Gump has the elements of an emotionally gripping story. Yet it feels less like a romance than like a coffee-table book celebrating the magic of special effects. full review
  198. Mother's Boys 1994 full review
  199. Two Bits 1994 full review
  200. Rudy 1993 For all its patness, the movie also has a gritty realism that is not found in many higher-priced versions of the same thing, and its happy ending is not the typical Hollywood leap into fantasy. full review
  201. No Holds Barred 1989 As cartoonish as its star. full review
  202. The Bride 1985 full review
  203. Switchblade Sisters 1975 To watch Switchblade Sisters is to visit a never-never land of shopworn media images colliding in a tabloid high school of the mind. full review
  204. /titles/197425 Instead of exalting physical grace and virtuosity, this film's slapdash action sequences resort repeatedly to the old trick of accelerating the action to the speed of a silent-film chase. full review
  205. /titles/197150 full review
  206. /titles/197533 Without preaching, "All the Light in the Sky" poses questions that are worth asking, even if we know the answers. full review
  207. /titles/197448 A trashily entertaining reptilian version of Jaws set in the steaming heart of the Amazon rain forest. full review
  208. /titles/197455 Judging from their voices, about as close to Europe as most of these characters have ever gotten is probably Fresno. full review
  209. /titles/199967 There are interesting ideas here, but they are swallowed up in dull, poorly choreographed shootouts and other action nonsense. full review
  210. /titles/197835 full review
  211. /titles/200115 At least Mr. De Niro, who disappears from the movie until the end, seems to be enjoying himself. full review
  212. /titles/197113 full review
  213. /titles/200138 The movie acts like screwball comedy, but there are no laughs as Daisy and Jay's connection lurches toward implausible romance. full review
  214. /titles/198226 [A] funny, gleefully offensive spoof of professional sports. full review
  215. /titles/199885 A tepid but pleasant comic satire given a shot of contemporaneity by its writing and directing team, Geoff Moore and David Posamentier, and its star Sam Rockwell. full review
  216. /titles/197285 The screenplay ultimately bears out Alceste's observations about treachery, selfishness and deceit, but with such charm and zest that their sting tickles more than it hurts. full review
  217. /titles/198049 "Breathe In" is a good enough movie that you wish the screenplay had further fleshed out its characters and relationships and emerged as more than a skillful sketch. full review
  218. /titles/199812 Rambunctiously funny. full review
  219. /titles/197312 The movie, based on Stephane Osmont's 2004 novel of the same title, is stiff and didactic. Even the high life portrayed in the film seems pallid, as if the director were frozen in disgust. full review
  220. /titles/199567 Settle back and savor Mr. Klapisch's valentine to New York and appreciate its rose-colored vision of the city as seen through European eyes. full review
  221. /titles/198216 Mr. Van Damme's Gibson is so opaque that he makes Mel Gibson's Mad Max seem weepy by comparison. full review
  222. /titles/197468 full review
  223. /titles/198365 Tears are shed in "Decoding Annie Parker," but they aren't accompanied by the kind of sad, misty soundtrack music that can leave you feeling used and abused. Instead of jerking tears, the movie edifies. full review
  224. /titles/198238 This is a movie so insecure about its capacity to excite that it churns up not one but two flagrantly fake thunderstorms to underscore the action. full review
  225. /titles/197798 A free-for-all comic spoof that brings the 'hood' genre of Hollywood films full circle. full review
  226. /titles/198363 A movie that fully lives up to its name, right down to an opening credit sequence rife with intentional misspellings and grammatical errors. full review
  227. /titles/197453 full review
  228. /titles/199938 Ideally the music and imagery should fuse into something larger than either. It has rarely worked out that way. full review
  229. /titles/198266 When F. Scott Fitzgerald remarked that the rich "are different from you and me," he might have been thinking of someone like the moody billionaire from Fierce People. full review
  230. /titles/197638 After a certain point, watching it is like listening to the ravings of an increasingly incoherent and abusive drunk. full review
  231. /titles/199526 You wish that a filmmaker like John Sayles had grabbed the story by the throat and teased out its complexities. full review
  232. /titles/197629 The lessons, although obvious, bear repeating. full review
  233. /titles/197400 As long as "Go for Sisters" is focused on its characters, it remains on firm ground. But the flimsy detective story draped over them is underdeveloped and too sluggishly paced to take hold. full review
  234. /titles/197727 Heavily seasoned with epigrams worthy of Oscar Wilde, this entertaining documentary portrays Vidal as a pessimistic political prophet with streaks of paranoia and misanthropy, but a truth teller nonetheless. full review
  235. /titles/197351 For all its lapses, the portrait of a Darwinian social order of haves and have-nots resonates with the chilly, jittery times in which we live. full review
  236. /titles/197449 full review
  237. /titles/199346 A quiet, serious comedy about marriage, parenthood and the everyday strains of bringing up a rambunctious toddler while struggling to sustain a creative life. full review
  238. /titles/197589 A compelling contemplation of the roots of Islamic terrorism in poverty and hopelessness. full review
  239. /titles/197607 Divine expanded the concept of the drag queen from brash female impersonator into something much larger, more subversive and less gender specific. full review
  240. /titles/199795 As long as the film refrains from revealing its monster, Jeepers Creepers builds up a mood of sinister expectation. Once its bat-winged supernatural thingamajig appears, the beast isn't half as horrifying as you imagined. full review
  241. /titles/200104 The movie coasts on the charms of its rubber-faced star and its witty, easygoing set pieces. full review
  242. /titles/197668 You may complain that "Just a Sigh" is too episodic to cohere and that Alix's eccentricities are plot mechanisms. But to me, this fateful day-in-the-life feels believable. full review
  243. /titles/199531 Its refusal to adopt a single point of view may be conceptually ambitious, but it keeps the drama unfocussed, and slightly off balance. full review
  244. /titles/199550 "Korengal" is a collective meditation on military life by many of the same men, looking back on their time in Afghanistan. full review
  245. /titles/199724 "Labor Day" seems designed for the crowd that devours Nicholas Sparks's romantic daydreams. full review
  246. /titles/198134 The harder Mr. Radnor strains to make you love his alter ego, the more resistant you become. full review
  247. /titles/198046 [An] inane, preposterous and stupefying film ... full review
  248. /titles/197764 The kind of manipulative, cliche-infested hokum that alienates moviegoers by its insistence on hogging all the tears. full review
  249. /titles/199735 Every image in "Memphis" quivers with a poetic intensity that captures the beauty and desolation of the urban South not pictured on tourist postcards. full review
  250. /titles/199869 "Mental" wildly overplays the kookiness and quirk. full review
  251. /titles/199733 The film shies from directly addressing anguished existential questions. It is finally a story about the puncturing of one young, headstrong woman's personal belief system. full review
  252. /titles/197705 The moment the movie loses its lighthearted spirit is the moment it loses touch with reality. full review
  253. /titles/197756 Just when "On My Way" seems about to be stranded in the middle of nowhere, Bettie and Charly's fraught relationship gives the movie an emotional center and comedic drive. full review
  254. /titles/197118 Every plot turn is groaningly predictable. But at least the lead performances set off sparks. full review
  255. /titles/199741 Hoary slapstick routines, invariably rushed, are all there is in The Pink Panther 2. full review
  256. /titles/199768 Little more than a sanitized blend of nonsense and adventure and just a teeny bit of romance, interspersed with the occasional pop song. full review
  257. /titles/198259 In the latest episode of the series, which seems to have nearly run out of steam, he is portrayed by Robert John Burke, an actor who bears some resemblance to Mr. Weller while lacking his forerunner's tongue-in-cheek glint of authoritarian machismo. full review
  258. /titles/198407 Its portrayal of impoverished, careworn people barking at one another and protecting their territory in a daily struggle is bracingly hardheaded. full review
  259. /titles/199961 Once the movie throws in a jolting, late-in- the-game plot twist that could have been borrowed from City of Angels, it never regains its balance. full review
  260. /titles/198426 More vital than a thousand movies populated by hot, squirming teenagers. full review
  261. /titles/197412 Here is San Francisco as it was in its bohemian twilight, on the eve of catastrophe. full review
  262. /titles/197383 Most ... of the movie never transcends a screenwriting formula that makes you uncomfortably aware of the machinery driving it all. full review
  263. /titles/198224 full review
  264. /titles/197457 A paint-by-numbers story that offers no surprises and a hero and villain etched in white and black with few shades of gray. full review
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  266. /titles/198048 As "Why Stop Now?" gathers momentum, the increasingly uneasy sensation it produces is not unlike that of being in the back seat of a speeding car whose drunken driver refuses to give up the wheel. full review
  267. /titles/199962 In its final lap The Winning Season collapses into a sentimental farce that even Mr. Rockwell, now playing the clown, cannot redeem from cringe-inducing hokum. full review
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