Stephen Hunter, Washington Post

  1. Bottle Shock 2008 Whatta movie: booze, unhappy French people, Alan Rickman and really cool pickup trucks. full review
  2. Beaufort 2007 The camera never leaves the beleaguered compound, and Beaufort itself becomes a character in the story, a surrealistic zone of tunnels, bunkers and sandbags, about as far from the possibility of heroism as possible. full review
  3. Eagle vs. Shark 2007 You believe in it, because you believe in the small but decent lives of its characters, a rare experience for a hot weekend in June. full review
  4. For the Bible Tells Me So 2007 A brisk, entertaining and even moving exploration of the sometimes frayed intersection where Christianity meets homosexuality. full review
  5. Mr. Untouchable 2007 It's fast and furious, and it proves that crime doesn't pay, unless you know how to do it right. full review
  6. Nanking 2007 full review
  7. 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama 2006 A nicely crafted, economic (it's only 85 minutes) introduction to that most eminent of men, the spiritual leader and deposed head of state of Tibet. full review
  8. Curious George 2006 It's pretty elementary. full review
  9. Keeping Up With The Steins 2006 [Zakarin] keeps things clearly flat and primary, and the characters never become more than stereotype. full review
  10. The Wind That Shakes the Barley 2006 Director Ken Loach is full of astonishments. In this film, he stages raid and counter-raid, big gunfight and small, with stunning dynamism. full review
  11. Old Joy 2005 It feels so real it hurts, and it's the perfect antidote to all those movies where all sorts of stuff blows up. full review
  12. The World's Fastest Indian 2005 As the movie's tag line has it, it's based on a hell of a story. Too bad they didn't just tell it. full review
  13. xXx: State of the Union 2005 So primitive, it must have been written in lizard blood on animal skin. full review
  14. Little Black Book 2004 If you think it's worth it to sit there for 97 minutes for three or possibly four laughs, then you are beyond help. full review
  15. The Manchurian Candidate 2004 It shunts through the material, doing some interesting synthesizing, some genetic recombining, but it all adds up to something less powerful and interesting than the original. full review
  16. Oldboy 2004 Its magnificence is that it takes itself dead serious. It's not entertainment, but it's sure a piece of toughness. full review
  17. The Stepford Wives 2004 None of it appears to be well thought out, or thought through, and it's consequently never remotely believable. full review
  18. White Chicks 2004 It's not what the Wayans brothers do, it's how they do it. They do it funny. full review
  19. Without A Paddle 2004 You can say of Without a Paddle that at least it cares enough to steal from the very best. Unfortunately, that's about all it cares about. full review
  20. Bad Santa 2003 The movie is -- how can I say this? -- funny as hell. full review
  21. The Battle of Shaker Heights 2003 It's an insufferable piffle.
  22. Cold Mountain 2003 It's a great old-fashioned wallow of a time at the movies. full review
  23. Daddy Day Care 2003 If you attend the movie with your expectations lowered by Murphy's recent films, you'll be reasonably amused. full review
  24. The Human Stain 2003 The problem is that neither Kidman nor Hopkins seems to know what movie they are in.
  25. Kill Bill: Volume 1 2003 Delivered with such high panache and brio, it's mesmerizing. full review
  26. Mona Lisa Smile 2003 Anyone who's ever been moved by a teacher to dream a slightly bigger dream than his parents thought he or she was capable of achieving ought to love the film, for it gets at a truer model of teacher's inspiration.
  27. Tears of the Sun 2003 The film is a strictly no-bull proposition.
  28. Barbershop 2002 It's funny as hell. full review
  29. Below 2002 It's not original enough.
  30. Bukowski: Born into This 2002 It is wide-ranging, it is fair, it is thorough, and although it admires, it is also tough enough to condemn. full review
  31. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 2002 A picture that is surely one of the oddest ever made. full review
  32. The Dancer Upstairs 2002 It's not a great film, but in its reckless audacity ... it's reassuring. Someone's still willing to take a big chance.
  33. Equilibrium 2002 Equilibrium the movie, as opposed to the manifesto, is really, really stupid. full review
  34. The Hours 2002 It would be all too precious to watch except for the brilliant performances, which make it too wonderful not to watch.
  35. Irreversible 2002 A genuine outlaw work of art. full review
  36. Lost in La Mancha 2002 A fascinating chronicle of bad luck, bad faith and bad weather all striking on the same day. full review
  37. Russian Ark 2002 For the truth is, given the audacity, the organization, the seriousness of purpose, the movie isn't nearly as provocative as you think it might be.
  38. Star Trek - Nemesis 2002 An ordeal for all save the most ardent Treksters.
  39. The Sweetest Thing 2002 Clever packaging of boy fantasy and girl fantasy.
  40. Treasure Planet 2002 It's all quite vividly imagined, down to the tiniest details.
  41. View from the Top 2002 It's meant to be funny. It's not, or not particularly. It's meant to be cute. Maybe it is, but I hate cute. It's meant to be harmless fluff. It is. All of this isn't terribly interesting.
  42. We Were Soldiers 2002 The story it tells is both forgotten and relevant, a neat trick.
  43. XXX 2002 Watching [Diesel] ... is a lot more fun than staying with the ever-feebler Pierce Brosnan in his decrepit adventures as MGM tries desperately to keep the creaking Bond franchise upright.
  44. Black Hawk Down 2001 The next worst thing to being there. That's how real it feels. full review
  45. The Glass House 2001
  46. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider 2001 Loud, banal, empty, frenzied, plasticized, flavorless, drab, violent in a bloodless way and sexy in a sexless way. full review
  47. Vanilla Sky 2001 A case of the vain leading the bland.
  48. Waking Life 2001 Minute 69 evolves several geological epochs later into Minute 70 -- and then there are 27 minutes left to go!
  49. Blow Dry 2000 It's fun. full review
  50. Croupier 2000 It's very cool. It's only kind of good. full review
  51. The Gift 2000 It's not wise to build a story around a psychic. If you don't believe in this stuff, the story simply will not work, ever, anyhow, any way, any time, any place. full review
  52. Our Song 2000 It's an astonishing movie, with a real-life feel.
  53. In Too Deep 1999 LL Cool J with his natural charisma is the key to the movie's edge. full review
  54. The Prince of Egypt 1998 The movie's proudest accomplishment is that it revises our version of Moses toward something more immediate and believable, more humanly knowable. full review
  55. Cop Land 1997 At its heart, the movie has a good story to tell: the lumbering oaf who's not nearly as stupid and not nearly as gutless as all the hot dogs from the big city think. full review
  56. A Life Less Ordinary 1997 full review
  57. Gojira 1954 Its images of the destruction of the cities is far more powerful than in American films, where the cities are trashed for the pure pleasure of destruction, without any real sense of human loss. full review
  58. /titles/199814 Might be considered three action sequences and four comedy routines in search of a story. full review
  59. /titles/199811 The movie is just too busy to be suspenseful. full review
  60. /titles/199824 Somewhat like Forrest Gump on a high colonic. full review
  61. /titles/198256 Boy, is this baby a hoot. full review
  62. /titles/199803 Certainly no feel-good flick of the summer. But it's always tough and honest. full review
  63. /titles/199812 Something between an indiscretion and an atrocity, in the key of that most human yet loathsome of self-indulgences, vanity. full review
  64. /titles/197134 A leaden whimsy so heavy it threatens to crash through the multiplex floor. full review
  65. /titles/197461 Do you like the clammy as opposed to the scary? Do you like dread rather than drama, anguish and emotional coagulation rather than screamfests? full review
  66. /titles/199351 The movie is pure magic as story, as drama, as photography, as conviction, as everything except its ideas. full review
  67. /titles/197164 Almost indefensibly violent, the film is one of those whirligigs of wit, barbaric energy, blood spatters and firepower that will be adored by the morally retarded among us -- like me -- and loathed by the morally superior. full review
  68. /titles/198243 More or less self-destructs in a ridiculous last few minutes when it becomes a noble sacrifice-o-rama. full review
  69. /titles/197643 Regarded as '50s melodrama, it's nearly perfect. full review
  70. /titles/199797 You see Robin Williams and psycho killer, and you think, hmmmmm. You see the movie and you think, zzzzzzzzz. full review
  71. /titles/199795 If the reptile brain in you, that ugly little cluster of cerebral cells where all the destructive urges lie, needs a good jolt, Jeepers Creepers offers you just such a treat. full review
  72. /titles/197481 Gets stuck in a no man's land between the real and the fictional. full review
  73. /titles/198000 As I said, orifices and their products, and that's about it. full review
  74. /titles/199801 All in all, this baby makes you ever more eternally grateful for AMC and TCM on the cable. That's where the real movies have gone to hide. full review
  75. /titles/198247 I can't say this enough: This movie is about an adult male dressed in pink jammies. full review
  76. /titles/198367 There's not enough story in it to fill a shoebox. full review
  77. /titles/197826 So how good is the movie of the musical of the movie? The answer is: It's pretty good. full review
  78. /titles/197167 It's a movie of character and milieu, both of which it evokes brilliantly. full review
  79. /titles/197467 Expends a moderate budget and several attractive young performers to absolutely no consequence. full review
  80. /titles/199838 Takes a small, exquisite Japanese movie and turns it into a big, stupid American movie. Still, it must be said that as glossy and overproduced as the thing is, it's a good Big Stupid American movie. full review
  81. /titles/199794 As a piece of almost dadaist filmmaking, Spy Kids is great fun with its continual spirit of invention. full review
  82. /titles/199849 It is superb and strange at once, a discreet and self-disciplined attack dog of a movie. full review
  83. /titles/199839 It's so smirkily inside-baseball it never bothers to make its argument; the film simply proceeds from the assumption that all of us in the audience are in agreement with its point. full review