Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter

  1. As I Lay Dying 2013 A startlingly effective adaptation of William Faulkner's challenging novel by James Franco. full review
  2. The Big Wedding 2013 A game cast and lots of gamey R-rated shenanigans can't compensate for the silly comic contrivances that dominate The Big Wedding. full review
  3. Escape From Tomorrow 2013 A one-of-a-kind piece of subversive surrealism filmed clandestinely at Disney World is far too haphazard, but offers images that will long stick in the mind. full review
  4. Everyday 2013 An admirable idea in theory proves to be a real slog to sit through. full review
  5. Simon Killer 2013 An unpalatable Franco-American entree one would like to send back to wherever it came from. full review
  6. Sweetwater 2013 A handsomely designed, occasionally funny but ultimately empty female vengeance yarn. full review
  7. Get the Gringo 2012 Almost invigorating in its disreputability; it's both cheesy and striking, corny and bold, dismissible and yet strangely appealing for its singularity. full review
  8. Nobody Walks 2012 A young woman's arrival creates sexual upheavals in a cool, artistic L.A. household, in an unsatisfying drama that might have worked better as a comedy. full review
  9. The Pact 2012 Basic, efficient little horror item scares up a few little shocks, possibly enough for a modest commercial career. full review
  10. Top of the Lake 2012 An edgy, disturbing and altogether first-rate crime drama that very much centers on women, though it does have a lot of daddy issues. full review
  11. Albert Nobbs 2011 Notable performances by Glenn Close and Janet McTeer mark this carefully made but muted story of women passing as men in 19th-century Dublin. full review
  12. Cat Run 2011 A brazenly efficient and articulate female assassin nearly worthy of a Tarantino or Coen Brothers movie sticks out from amidst the schlocky criminal muck of Cat Run, a self-consciously sleazy comic crime saga composed of facetious elements. full review
  13. I Melt with You 2011 An aggressive look at men behaving badly will provoke strong reactions pro and con. full review
  14. Jig 2011 Too close to a TV dance competition show to go far in theaters. full review
  15. The Whale 2011 Serious-minded, thought-provoking animal documentary will have a lengthy life, mostly in ancillary markets. full review
  16. /titles/197144 A snappy, sharp-witted, graphic novel-inspired satire on the doings at the French Foreign Ministry. full review
  17. /titles/197629 A bizarre real-life drama of the 1930s is well told in this resourceful documentary. full review
  18. /titles/199877 A film that is almost invariably heavy-handed and obvious from beginning to end ... full review

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