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  1. The Company Men 2010 full review
  2. Greenberg 2010 As a study of stasis and of people conscious of not living the lives they had imagined for themselves, the picture offers a bracing undertow of seriousness beneath the deceptively casual, dramatically offhand surface. full review
  3. Downloading Nancy 2008 Renck indisputably proves he's able to sustain a tone, but it's a pretentiously solemn one in which the wallow in extreme psychological and emotional realms are continuously disrupted by silly and distracting real-life details. full review
  4. Prozac Nation 2005 The self-centered brat at the center of Prozac Nation spends most of her time making life miserable for everyone around her, but there's little reason the public should have to pay for the same privilege. full review
  5. Right at Your Door 2005 [The film] grabs the viewer by the throat in the first few minutes, but quickly fritters away involvement by concentrating almost exclusively on two characters who are both annoying and boring. full review
  6. Swimmers 2005 Eventually drowns from dramatic inertia. full review
  7. Dust to Glory 2004 full review
  8. The Final Cut 2004 full review
  9. Anger Management 2003 A couple of brakes-off set pieces to the side, the antics here are strained, graceless and tiresomely crude, the sorts of things audiences feel they're supposed to laugh at rather than well-developed situations that generate genuine amusement. full review
  10. Brother Bear 2003 Brother Bear is a very mild animated entry from Disney with a distinctly recycled feel. full review
  11. CSA: Confederate States of America 2003 full review
  12. Holes 2003 full review
  13. The Station Agent 2003 full review
  14. Touching the Void 2003 Awesome and harrowing. full review
  15. Panic Room 2002 A thinking-man's women-in-jeopardy picture, Panic Room does about as much as humanly possible with its deliberately restricted one-setting premise. full review
  16. The Pianist 2002 full review
  17. Poolhall Junkies 2002 full review
  18. Pumpkin 2002 full review
  19. Spider-Man 2002 A perfectly serviceable early-summer popcorn picture that will satisfy its core teen constituency and not displease general viewers looking for some disposable entertainment. full review
  20. Black Hawk Down 2001 full review
  21. Ali 2001 full review
  22. Atlantis - The Lost Empire 2001 This blandly conceived and executed attempt at a juve-style Indiana Jones with Jules Verne trappings recycles familiar adventure and cartoon devices with minimal wit and flair. full review
  23. The Deep End 2001 full review
  24. Donnie Darko 2001 Donnie Darko has plenty of problems. But most stem from a young filmmaker overswinging on his first time up to the plate and hitting a deep fly out rather than a home run. full review
  25. Pootie Tang 2001 full review
  26. Vanilla Sky 2001 full review
  27. 28 Days 2000 full review
  28. Attraction 2000 full review
  29. Reindeer Games (Deception) 2000 full review
  30. Traffic 2000 full review
  31. The Yards 2000 An On the Waterfront wannabe, directed with a heavy portentousness that smothers the drama in a thick sauce of self-importance. full review
  32. Brokedown Palace 1999 full review
  33. The Haunting 1999 full review
  34. My Life so Far 1999 full review
  35. Runaway Bride 1999 Quite clever and appealing! full review
  36. Stuart Little 1999 Stuart Little is top-notch. full review
  37. The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999 Performances are aces top to bottom. full review
  38. The Thomas Crown Affair 1999 Production has been lavished with extravagant sets and locations that welcome the audience into a fantasy world of untold luxury. full review
  39. Antz 1998 A dazzling delight! full review
  40. Jerry and Tom 1998 full review
  41. Paulie 1998 Paulie has moments of minor charm but lacks the magic to fully capture the imaginations of either children or adults. full review
  42. Velvet Goldmine 1998 full review
  43. As Good As It Gets 1997 A sporadically funny romantic comedy with all the dramatic plausibility and tonal consistency of a TV variety show. full review
  44. Breakdown 1997 full review
  45. Chasing Amy 1997 Amusing and appealing. full review
  46. Cop Land 1997 Although too simplistic in its good-guys/bad-guys approach to morally and emotionally ambiguous material, Cop Land emerges as an absorbing and dramatic yarn about exposing the evil doings of some of New York's finest. full review
  47. Donnie Brasco 1997 Although perhaps familiar in its outer trappings, Pacino's fine work is the key to the film succeeding to the extent that it does. full review
  48. The Fifth Element 1997 A hodgepodge of elements that don't comfortably coalesce. full review
  49. The Frighteners 1997 Story was originally conceived as an episode of "Tales From the Crypt," and that is perhaps what it should have remained, as the thinness of the conceit shows throughout, painfully so in the first half. full review
  50. The Ice Storm 1997 A well-observed and deftly performed examination of upper-middle-class emotional deep freeze... full review
  51. Jackie Brown 1997 Offers an abundance of pleasures, especially in the realm of characterization and atmosphere. full review
  52. Mimic 1997 full review
  53. The Peacemaker 1997 full review
  54. Private Parts 1997 full review
  55. The Rainmaker 1997 Coppola has never been particularly known for his comic touch, but here he seems bent on leavening the melodrama with as many laughs as possible, and they are generally honest and well-earned. full review
  56. Michael Collins 1996 Intelligent, enormously accomplished and seriously problematic, Neil Jordan's ambitious account of the activities of arguably the central figure in Ireland's painful, bloody fight for independence from the British Empire has a great deal to offer... full review
  57. 101 Dalmatians 1996 full review
  58. Beautiful Girls 1996 This startlingly uneventful compendium of thick-headed boy-talk and female tolerance squanders a fine cast on incredibly ordinary characters and situations. full review
  59. Big Night 1996 full review
  60. Citizen Ruth 1996 full review
  61. Curdled 1996 full review
  62. The English Patient 1996 A respectable, intelligent but less than stirring adaptation of an imposingly dense and layered novel. full review
  63. Flirting With Disaster 1996 full review
  64. The Pallbearer 1996 full review
  65. Walking and Talking 1996 full review
  66. Bad Boys 1995 Even when it's not particularly funny, their interplay is engaging, and their lively, raucous personalities keep the proceedings punchy and watchable for the slightly overlong running time. full review
  67. Clockers 1995 A study of the urban dope-dealing culture and its toll on everyone who comes in contact with it, the picture has an insider's feel that is constantly undercut by the filmmaker's impulse to editorialize. full review
  68. Desperado 1995 full review
  69. Devil in a Blue Dress 1995 Entering the main flow of the story relatively late, Don Cheadle steals all his scenes as a live-wire, trigger-happy old buddy of Easy's from Texas, while Sizemore and Mel Winkler, as colorful underworld figures, make strong impressions. full review
  70. Picture Bride 1995 full review
  71. Sense and Sensibility 1995 Thompson's script manages the neat trick of preserving the necessary niceties and decorum of civilized behavior of the time while still cutting to the dramatic quick. full review
  72. Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead 1995 full review
  73. The Usual Suspects 1995 A terrific cast of exciting actors socks over this absorbingly complicated yarn that's been spun in seductively slick fashion by director Bryan Singer. full review
  74. The Crow 1994 A seamless, pulsating, dazzlingly visual revenge fantasy that stands as one of the most effective live-actioners ever derived from a comic strip. full review
  75. Hoop Dreams 1994 A prodigious achievement that conveys the fabric of modern American life, aspirations and incidentally, sports, in close-up and at length, Hoop Dreams is a documentary slam dunk. full review
  76. Intersection 1994 This very loose adaptation (acknowledgement of the sources is buried in the end credits) attempts to goose things up here and there, but original's essentially meditative nature is left quite unfulfilled by the new approach and glamour cast. full review
  77. Love and a .45 1994 full review
  78. Nobody's Fool 1994 Fronted by a splendid performance from Paul Newman... Robert Benton's character-driven film is sprinkled with small pleasures; the dramatic developments here don't take place in the noisy, calamitous manner that is customary these days. full review
  79. Pulp Fiction 1994 A spectacularly entertaining piece of pop culture. full review
  80. Two Bits 1994 full review
  81. El Mariachi 1993 Has a verve and cheekiness that's partly a smart wedding of such influences as Sergio Leone, George Miller and south-of-the-border noir. full review
  82. The House of the Spirits 1993 full review
  83. Indecent Proposal 1993 full review
  84. Last Action Hero 1993 full review
  85. The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993 The dazzling techniques employed here create a strikinglook that's never been seen in such sustained form, making this a unique curio that will appeal to kids and film enthusiasts alike. full review
  86. What's Eating Gilbert Grape 1993 Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom and his fine cast have endowed the story with a good deal of behavioral truth and unstressed comedy. full review
  87. Far and Away 1992 full review
  88. Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 full review
  89. Reservoir Dogs 1992 Undeniably impressive pic grabs the viewer by the lapels and shakes hard, but it also is about nothing other than a bunch of macho guys and how big their guns are. full review
  90. Sarafina 1992 full review
  91. The Silence of the Lambs 1991 The juiciest part is Hopkins,' and he makes the most of it. Helped by some highly dramatic lighting, actor makes the role the personification of brilliant, hypnotic evil, and the screen jolts with electricity whenever he is on. full review

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