Tom Keogh,

  1. Croupier 2000 Don't let Croupier go by without a look.
  2. Reindeer Games (Deception) 2000 Frankenheimer does make Reindeer Games a bigger experience than it might have been in anyone else's hands.
  3. Shaft 2000 A decent popcorn movie.
  4. Music of the Heart 1999 It may be premature to think Craven just doesn't spark outside the horror genre, but there's nothing here to suggest the opposite.
  5. The Wood 1999 A fair and admirable comedy we haven't quite seen before.
  6. Harriet the Spy 1996 The film's OK, a little thick with sensory overload, but it wasn't made for old guys like me.
  7. /titles/197463 If only Boys and Girls would trust its audience more by not pandering to the less intuitive among us. full review
  8. /titles/197818 The film's very premise, while initially promising, doesn't hold up to lengthy scrutiny. full review
  9. /titles/197479 Jerry Maguire is a lovely film, and an extremely fun film full of moment-to-moment observation. full review
  10. /titles/199774 A waste of space. full review
  11. /titles/197447 The lure of Sling Blade is both elemental and hauntingly familiar, and I would not be surprised if Thornton's breakthrough film is one day considered a classic in its own right. full review
  12. /titles/197792 When it comes time to take this drama to another level, addressing the darker and more pertinent issue of why Guy puts up with it and what he wants out of life, Huang is right there. full review