Tom Keogh,

  1. Loser 2003 Biggs is a total dud.
  2. Croupier 2000 Don't let Croupier go by without a look.
  3. The Man Who Cried 2000 While we may like what we see, it's impossible to comprehend what much of it means or why we should care.
  4. Reindeer Games (Deception) 2000 Frankenheimer does make Reindeer Games a bigger experience than it might have been in anyone else's hands.
  5. Shaft 2000 A decent popcorn movie.
  6. Music of the Heart 1999 It may be premature to think Craven just doesn't spark outside the horror genre, but there's nothing here to suggest the opposite.
  7. The Wood 1999 A fair and admirable comedy we haven't quite seen before.
  8. Year of the Horse: Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live 1997 Both a quirky little movie and a monument to one of rock 'n' roll's greatest noisemakers.
  9. Harriet the Spy 1996 The film's OK, a little thick with sensory overload, but it wasn't made for old guys like me.
  10. Dead Man Walking 1995 Robbins, who also wrote the script, is no Truman Capote, let alone a Victor Hugo, and his film trips up constantly on indecisiveness about what it is he's trying to say.
  11. The Usual Suspects 1995 Lots of fun and a very handsome, widescreen production by director Bryan Singer, who co-wrote the original script with once-and-future partner (and ex-private detective) Christopher McQuarrie.

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