V.A. Musetto, New York Post

  1. Drug War 2013 Cars go crunch, bullets fly, blood spurts, bodies splatter and an unbelievable amount of cocaine is snorted. The climactic shootout, which goes on for 15 minutes and has an astronomical body count, is a masterpiece of its kind. full review
  2. Frankenstein's Army 2013 There's little more in the way of plot, but that's no problem. "Frankenstein's Army" is funny and original, with innovative costumes and set designs. full review
  3. The Grandmaster 2013 Wong extracts magnetic performances from his two stars, and Philippe Le Sourd delivers gorgeous cinematography. full review
  4. The Guillotines 2013 The plot is of little importance - the spectacular action and gorgeous landscapes and costumes are what matter. full review
  5. Hatchet III 2013 Will there be a "Hatchet IV''? I shudder to think about it. full review
  6. War Witch 2013 Brutality and tenderness are a potent mix in "War Witch." full review
  7. 5 Broken Cameras 2012 The issues are complex and not easily solved. But no matter which side you are on, you'll be moved by this intimate work. full review
  8. The ABCs of Death 2012 Most are exercises in sickening bad taste, with an emphasis on human bodily functions. full review
  9. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry 2012 Klayman had full access to Ai, 55, following him around for two years. The sweetest footage involves Ai and his mother. full review
  10. Ballplayer: Pelotero 2012 A documentary narrated by John Leguizamo that provides a seldom-seen look inside the training camps run by MLB in that impoverished nation. full review
  11. Blood 2012 The landscape cinematography is often eye-pleasing, but the script is labored, filled with cliches and never allows for character development. full review
  12. Breathing 2012 Elegant cinematography by Martin Gschlacht, one of Austria's most sought-after lensers, gives "Breathing" added depth. full review
  13. Death by China 2012 It would make a nice TV infomercial, but certainly doesn't deserve a big-screen release. full review
  14. Elles 2012 Szumowska provides lurid scenes of perverted sex, but she offers no new insight into the sordid world of prostitution and the dangers sex workers face. full review
  15. The Forgiveness of Blood 2012 A suspenseful work using nonprofessional actors and co-written with an Albanian filmmaker... full review
  16. The Front Line 2012 A potent anti-war movie with breathtaking battle sequences. full review
  17. Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai 2012 A 3-D epic that, despite its title, is more of a soap opera than a swordplay thriller. full review
  18. Headhunters 2012 The sex, nudity and violence are nonstop, but that's what makes "Headhunters" exciting entertainment. full review
  19. The Island President 2012 Viewers get an eye-opening look at behind-the-scenes wrangling. full review
  20. Jiro Dreams of Sushi 2012 The real star of the movie is the delectable sushi itself. full review
  21. My Way 2012 An eye-popping, empty-headed World War II epic made in South Korea. full review
  22. Oslo, August 31st 2012 Despite its themes, "Oslo, August 31st" is an exhilarating film, with impeccable direction and pitch-perfect performances that make the bleakness worthwhile. full review
  23. The Other Dream Team 2012 The presentation is conventional in style but uplifting in spirit, and worth seeing even if you know nothing about basketball. full review
  24. Post Mortem 2012 Mario's life spirals out of control in unexpected ways. full review
  25. Putin's Kiss 2012 "Putin's Kiss'' is more than just the portrait of a naive young woman. It's a frightening look at Putin's warped version of democracy. full review
  26. Radio Unnameable 2012 Directors Paul Lovelace and Jessica Wolfson weave together archival visual and aural materials along with new interviews with Fass, his wife, Lynnie, and other WBAI alumni. full review
  27. Tai Chi Zero 2012 "Tai Chi Zero" is loads of fun to watch, especially a battle in which watermelons, bananas and other fruits and veggies serve as flying weapons. full review
  28. Waiting For Lightning 2012 The person we want most to hear from, Way himself, is largely missing. Go figure. full review
  29. We Have a Pope 2012 The film is perhaps 15 minutes too long, and there are a few too-convenient scenes, but overall "We Have a Pope'' should prove a crowd-pleaser. full review
  30. Whores' Glory 2012 Austrian documentarian Michael Glawogger takes his cameras to three red-light districts around the world, and finds life is miserable for the women who work in the world's oldest profession - and for the men who pay cash for sex. full review
  31. Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day 2012 A contrived and preachy melodrama produced by big-time televangelist T.D. Jakes. full review
  32. Bones Brigade: An Autobiography 2011 This film makes a great companion piece to Peralta's "Dogtown and Z-Boys,'' which leaves off where "Bones Brigades'' begins. full review
  33. Buck 2011 I don't know why, but I just can't get all worked up over Dan (Buck) Brannaman, subject of the documentary "Buck." full review
  34. Caterpillar 2011 "Caterpillar" is difficult to watch. But it's directed, acted and photographed well, and it's worth seeing even if it makes you uncomfortable. full review
  35. Cracks 2011 "Cracks" recalls any number of girls-school dramas, like the much better "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" (1969). full review
  36. Crime After Crime 2011 Potash's film tells an important and disturbing story, but his presentation is uninspired and non-cinematic. It's best left to TV. full review
  37. The Flowers of War 2011 Battle scenes are spectacular - great explosions! - but most of the screen time is taken up by a contrived and schmaltzy script with little emotional punch. full review
  38. Forks Over Knives 2011 Sound advice, perhaps, but it's presented in deadly dull fashion -- talking heads and academic charts -- reminiscent of an infomercial. full review
  39. Gerhard Richter Painting 2011 Instead of trotting out people - friend and foe - to comment on the renowned German abstract painter, Belz allows Richter to tell his own story. full review
  40. Goodbye First Love 2011 "Goodbye First Love" showcases two young women with bright futures. full review
  41. Hell and Back Again 2011 Dennis refuses to push a political agenda down viewers' throats. But the message of his film -- a breathlessly paced look at the realities of war -- is clear: War and its aftermath are indeed hell. full review
  42. Khodorkovsky 2011 The gripping documentary "Khodor-kovsky'' tells how Russia's richest man became its most famous political prisoner. full review
  43. Klitschko 2011 Fawning and generic. full review
  44. Leap Year 2011 To Rowe's credit, this isn't just a movie about sex. It's a compassionate study of human loneliness. full review
  45. One Lucky Elephant 2011 Next time you go to the circus or zoo, think of sweet Flora. full review
  46. Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow 2011 A daunting work that will please movie lovers willing to invest their time and intellect. full review
  47. The Perfect Host 2011 Ultimately breaks down under the weight of too many characters and unbelievable twists. full review
  48. Pina 2011 It should appeal to dance mavens, and to folks who have no idea what a pas de deux is. full review
  49. Polisse 2011 While never exploitative, "Polisse" can be extremely disturbing. full review
  50. Rapt 2011 It features pulse-quickening chases as well as political intrigue. full review
  51. The Robber 2011 Benjamin Heisenberg's thriller ends with a chase across highways and through woods that will give viewers adrenaline highs of their own. full review
  52. Tales from the Golden Age 2011 The collection is a mixed bag, although there are no clunkers. full review
  53. True Legend 2011 Fans don't go to martial-arts movies for the story. They want action -- and Yuen doesn't disappoint. full review
  54. The Women on the 6th Floor 2011 Sorry, but I'm not buying it -- even if the whole thing's set in the free-loving '60s. full review
  55. Armadillo 2010 There's little new in "Armadillo." full review
  56. Hatchet II 2010 Say a prayer that there's no Hatchet III in the future. full review
  57. Heartbeats 2010 "Heartbeats" looks good, and it has some funny dialogue. But there isn't enough to sustain the film's running time. full review
  58. I Saw the Devil 2010 When it comes to bloody revenge movies, it's difficult to beat the South Koreans. full review
  59. Ip Man 2010 If you're looking for great action scenes, you've found them. But if you desire more than eye candy, such as character and plot development and historical accuracy, you'll have to look elsewhere. full review
  60. Kaboom 2010 "Kaboom" is a return to Araki's frivolous past -- fun to watch but mostly forgettable. full review
  61. Tiny Furniture 2010 The actors, mostly nonprofessionals, deliver their lines with understated charm, the pacing is just right and Jody Lee Lipes' cinematography is clear and concise. full review
  62. Waste Land 2010 Walker's breezy film turns Muniz into a folk hero. And who am I to argue? full review
  63. Beeswax 2009 Beeswax ranks as one of the most mature mumblecore exercises yet, a sure sign that the movement will live on despite its misguided detractors. full review
  64. Antichrist 2009 Please don't take anything I've said to indicate that Antichrist isn't difficult to watch. It most certainly is, but as somebody (the Marquis de Sade, perhaps) once said: No pain, no gain. full review
  65. Dare 2009 Dare is a high school coming-of-age film that dares to push the envelope. It doesn't always succeed, but that's not for lack of trying. full review
  66. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2009 A finely plotted, stylishly photographed and brilliantly acted whodunit that clocks in at 2 1/2 hours but never seems long. full review
  67. Kings of Pastry 2009 How sweet it is! full review
  68. The Limits of Control 2009 This is one of those movies that's too cool to have a plot. full review
  69. Ondine 2009 If only the film had stuck with its fairy-tale story. Instead, the final 30 minutes turn into a bloody thriller with a tacked-on happy ending. full review
  70. Pageant 2009 full review
  71. Reel Injun 2009 Reel Injun will most likely give you a new perspective the next time you watch John Wayne battle Native Americans. full review
  72. The Time That Remains 2009 Another Palestinian director dealing with the same events might rant and rave. Not Suleiman. He knows the power of well-conceived humor. full review
  73. TiMER 2009 TiMER never rises above the level of a sitcom. All that's missing is the laugh track. full review
  74. Bronson 2008 Refn films much of the violence in slow motion, accompanied by classical music, which adds impact to the brutality. full review
  75. The Burning Plain 2008 That fractured structure worked well for Arriaga in his scripts for other directors. Here the characters aren't compelling enough to ask viewers to give their brains a workout to determine exactly what's going on. full review
  76. Constantine's Sword 2008 The movie raises important issues, but it provides few answers as it moves along in uninspired, talking-heads fashion. full review
  77. Eldorado 2008 Eldorado is fueled by the chemistry between Lanners and Adde. They're so good together, they should make a sequel. full review
  78. Forever Strong 2008 As directed by Ryan Little and written by David Pliler, Forever Strong dredges up every sports movie cliché and stereotype ever invented. (Cue the slow-mo in the rain.) full review
  79. Momma's Man 2008 It's time to stop calling Azazel Jacobs a 'promising' filmmaker. With Momma's Man, Jacobs achieves the promise.
  80. NoBody's Perfect 2008 The film tastefully handles the sensitive subject, but it lacks the bite that a Michael Moore would have provided. full review
  81. Tony Manero 2008 Shot with a hand-held camera and presented in a fragmented scenario, Tony Manero is the director's compelling attempt to find parallels between the Pinochet reign of terror and Raul's scruple-less antics. full review
  82. Beaufort 2007 Cedar, who was born in New York and now lives in Israel, has a mission of his own: to show the folly of war. He succeeds, even if the claustrophobic filming sometimes makes viewers feel as closed in as the Israeli troops. full review
  83. Before the Rains 2007 Merchant-Ivory productions are usually visual delights, and Before the Rains is no exception. Pity that the direction and narrative lack passion. If there's anything a story of interracial adultery needs, it's passion. full review
  84. Cidade dos Homens (City of Men) 2007 Performances are up to par, but the story unfolds conventionally -- it lacks the fragmented fury of its predecessor. You might call it City of God Lite. full review
  85. Auf der Anderen Seite (The Edge of Heaven) (On the Other Side) 2007 All too often, films about interconnected lives stumble under the weight of coincidences. Not The Edge of Heaven. Akin, who also scripted, is too savvy to let that happen. full review
  86. Mr. Untouchable 2007 What emerges is a portrait of a complex man. full review
  87. The Pool 2007 A charming and enjoyable movie. full review
  88. The Rape of Europa 2007 The directors (Richard Berge, Bonni Cohen and Nicole Newnham) have their hearts in the right place. But their film is uninspired in style, and Joan Allen's narration is dry. full review
  89. Sangre De Mi Sangre 2007 A suspenseful movie with no intention of sugarcoating the daily hardships of New York's underclass. full review
  90. Choking Man 2006 Barron's direction is low-key but efficient. full review
  91. Crossing the Line 2006 Fascinating. full review
  92. Year of the Fish 2006 The director-writer, David Kaplan, is able to hold our attention, and the film's unusual look lends a magical feeling. full review
  93. Taxidermia 2005 And now a word of advice from your friendly film critic: If you go to see the Hungarian black comedy Taxidermia, don't plan to eat afterward. full review
  94. Commune 2005 Berman blends home movies of ranch life with interviews with former residents, their now-grown children and neighbors of the ranch.
  95. The Devil's Miner 2005 Guaranteed to leave you outraged at the way children -- and, for that matter, adults -- are exploited by mining companies.
  96. Forgiving Dr. Mengele 2005 The film is mostly dry and uninspired. An extraordinary woman like Eva Kor deserves a less ordinary biography.
  97. Psychopathia Sexualis 2005 Sex can be fun and exciting and wonderful. It also can be deadly boring, as in Pschopathia Sexualis.
  98. Agnes and His Brothers 2004 About halfway through, however, the story takes on more than it can handle, turning contrived and unbelievable in the process.
  99. Secuestro Express 2004 Jakubowicz pleases the eyes with closeups, sped-up scenes, hand-held camerawork and other stylized tricks.
  100. The Deserted Station 2002 The sweet script, crisp direction and a delightful performance by Leila Hatami, as the sad-eyed wife, should put Deserted Station on your must-see list.
  101. Secret Things 2002 Second-rate soft-core porn with art-house pretentions.
  102. Suspended Animation 2002
  103. Virgil Bliss 2001 Too bad Maggio couldn't come up with a better script.
  104. Solo Con Tu Pareja 1991 Solo Con Tu Pareja is not as mature as Y Tu Mama Tambien, but it is consistently funny. full review
  105. As Tears Go By 1988 As Tears Go By doesn't measure up to Wong's later classics, such as In the Mood for Love (2000) and Chungking Express (1994), but it shows a master in the making. full review
  106. /titles/198263 It overflows with psychological intrigue, something often missing from such offerings. full review
  107. /titles/199531 Holst gives the proceedings a fresh look, thanks to sturdy acting, direction and cinematography. full review
  108. /titles/197779 The classical music is soothing, the cinematography handsome and the acting strong, but the Swedish coming-of-age saga "Simon and the Oaks'' is burdened with a sappy, soap-opera-ish script. full review
  109. /titles/197273 It retains an upbeat air of hope, and even humor, as two brave men battle fate. full review
  110. /titles/197733 full review