Vincent Canby, New York Times

  1. Eve of Destruction 2013 full review
  2. The Dark Half 1993 full review
  3. Last Action Hero 1993 full review
  4. Leprechaun 1993 full review
  5. Robin Hood: Men in Tights 1993 full review
  6. Body of Evidence 1992 A sluggish courtroom melodrama relieved only by unintenional laughter. full review
  7. Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992 With Dracula it's apparent that Mr. Coppola's talent and exuberance survive. full review
  8. Diggstown 1992 full review
  9. Ethan Frome 1992 full review
  10. A League of Their Own 1992 One of the year's most cheerful, most relaxed, most easily enjoyable comedies. It's a serious film that's lighter than air, a very funny movie that manages to score a few points for feminism in passing. full review
  11. Reservoir Dogs 1992 A small, modestly budgeted crime movie of sometimes dazzling cinematic pyrotechnics and over-the- top dramatic energy. full review
  12. Single White Female 1992 The film is smooth, entertaining and believably sophisticated. It has far more sound psychological underpinnings than other movies of its type. full review
  13. Sneakers 1992 The performances are generally quite bad. full review
  14. Barton Fink 1991 It's an exhilarating original. full review
  15. The Hard Way 1991 full review
  16. Hook 1991 Hook is overwhelmed by a screenplay heavy with complicated exposition, by what are, in effect, big busy nonsinging, nondancing production numbers and some contemporary cant about rearing children and the high price paid for success. full review
  17. The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear 1991 The enthusiastic Zucker, Zucker & Abrahams style of movie parody is too rarely seen to prompt much head-shaking about gags that don't work. full review
  18. Paris Is Burning 1991 full review
  19. The People Under The Stairs 1991 Though the new movie has its share of blood and gore, it is mostly creepy and, considering the bizarre circumstances, surprisingly funny. full review
  20. The Silence of the Lambs 1991 The Silence of the Lambs is pop film making of a high order. It could well be the first big hit of the year. full review
  21. Slacker 1991 full review
  22. Another 48 Hrs. 1990 full review
  23. The Grifters 1990 The Grifters is so good that one leaves the theater on a spellbound high. full review
  24. Hardware 1990 full review
  25. The Hunt for Red October 1990 full review
  26. Revenge 1990 full review
  27. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen 1989 Nothing much happens, but you can't easily tear your eyes away from it. full review
  28. Ghostbusters 2 1989 Even the special effects are more to the point of the comedy than they were in the first film. For some reason, this appears to leave more room for the sort of random funny business that Mr. Murray and his friends do best. full review
  29. Harlem Nights 1989 full review
  30. My Left Foot 1989 An intelligent, beautifully acted adaptation of Christy Brown's first book. full review
  31. See No Evil, Hear No Evil 1989 full review
  32. Steel Magnolias 1989 full review
  33. The Accused 1988 full review
  34. Coming to America 1988 A screenplay that seems to have escaped its doctors before it was entirely well. full review
  35. Scrooged 1988 In spite of the jokes at the expense of television-network censors, there's very little in the film, aside from naughty words, that wouldn't be perfectly acceptable on prime-time television. full review
  36. Short Circuit 2 1988 full review
  37. Broadcast News 1987 The movie is a sarcastic and carefully detailed picture of a world Mr. Brooks finds fascinating and also a little scary. full review
  38. Dirty Dancing 1987 Dirty Dancing works best when it's most direct and unpretentious. full review
  39. The Untouchables 1987 It's vulgar, violent, funny and sometimes breathtakingly beautiful. full review
  40. About Last Night... 1986 You've a right to wonder why anyone would want to work so hard -- with such an expenditure of imagination -- to transform a play with such a distinctive voice into a movie that sounds like any number of others. full review
  41. Black Moon Rising 1986 Like a stolen car, it moves pretty fast, if erratically. full review
  42. Children of a Lesser God 1986 There's scarcely a single moment in it that seems to be spontaneous. full review
  43. The Delta Force 1986 full review
  44. The Karate Kid Part II 1986 full review
  45. A Room With A View 1986 A Room With a View is not only uncharacteristically benign for Forster, but also blithely, elegantly funny, which is a fit description of [this]first-rate film adaptation... full review
  46. Sherman's March 1986 full review
  47. The Boys Next Door 1985 full review
  48. Fool for Love 1985 Though most of the tension of the theatrical presentation is gone, the movie preserves a lot of the play's lunatic humor. It also understands the Shepard concern for characters who have somehow found themselves cut loose from any social roots. full review
  49. Witness 1985 It's pretty to look at and it contains a number of good performances, but there is something exhausting about its neat balancing of opposing manners and values. full review
  50. Romancing the Stone 1984 An elaborately produced, mostly charmless adventure-comedy that intends to make fun of a kind of romantic fiction that's one step removed from what the movie is all about. full review
  51. Top Secret! 1984 Top Secret! comes nowhere near Airplane! but in its own cheerful, low-pressure way, it's about as amiable an entertainment as you will find this summer. full review
  52. The Big Chill 1983 The performances represent ensemble playing of an order Hollywood films seldom have time for, with the screenplay providing each character with at least one big scene. full review
  53. Monty Python's The Meaning of Life 1983 full review
  54. Nostalghia 1983 Nothing happens. full review
  55. Streamers 1983 It goes partway toward realizing the full effect of a stage play as a film, then botches the job by the overabundant use of film techniques, which dismember what should be an ensemble performance. full review
  56. To Be or Not to Be 1983 full review
  57. Gandhi 1982 [Of] importance is the possibility that the film will bring Gandhi to the attention of a lot of people around the world for the first time, not as a saint but as a self-searching, sometimes fallible human being with a sense of humor as well as of history. full review
  58. Hammett 1982 full review
  59. The Man from Snowy River 1982 full review
  60. Visiting Hours 1982 An especially clumsy, overwrought example of slash-and-hack melodrama. full review
  61. Zapped! 1982 A half-baked, rather retarded parody of Carrie and a number of other films that, using the awesome power of their ignorance, drove telekinesis into the ground. full review
  62. The Fox and the Hound 1981 This is a pretty, relentlessly cheery, old-fashioned sort of Disney cartoon feature, chock-full of bouncy songs of an upbeatness that is stickier than Krazy-Glue and played by animals more anthropomorphic than the humans that occasionally appear. full review
  63. The Great Muppet Caper 1981 The movie contains several more cheery, Disneyesque songs than are necessary, but they are made tolerable by the presence of Kermit and Miss Piggy. full review
  64. Modern Problems 1981 full review
  65. On Golden Pond 1981 On Golden Pond is a mixed blessing, but it offers one performance of rare quality and three others that are very good. That's not half-bad. full review
  66. Reds 1981 Reds is an extremely fine film. full review
  67. The Final Countdown 1980 The special effects are funnier than, I suspect, they were intended to be. full review
  68. Gregory's Girl 1980 It floats effortlessly over its landscape, seeing all from a marvelously cockeyed perspective all its own. full review
  69. Hopscotch 1980 full review
  70. Popeye 1980 A thoroughly charming, immensely appealing mess of a movie, often high-spirited and witty, occasionally pretentious and flat, sometimes robustly funny and frequently unintelligible. full review
  71. Slap Shot 1980 Slap Shot has a kind of vitality to it that overwhelms most of the questions relating to consistency of character and point of view. full review
  72. Stir Crazy 1980 full review
  73. Urban Cowboy 1980 full review
  74. 1941 1979 It may possibly be that Mr. Spielberg has chosen gigantic size and unlimited quantity as his comedy method in the awareness that he has no gift whatsoever for small-scale comic conceits. full review
  75. Apocalypse Now 1979 As technically complex and masterful as any war film I can remember. full review
  76. Manhattan 1979 Mr. Allen's progress as one of our major filmmakers is proceeding so rapidly that we who watch him have to pause occasionally to catch our breath. full review
  77. The Muppet Movie 1979 There's always room in movies for unbridled amiability when it's governed by intelligence and wit. full review
  78. Murder by Decree 1979 full review
  79. Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979 [It's] like attending your high-school class's 10th reunion at Caesar's Palace. Most of the faces are familiar, but the decor has little relationship to anything you've ever seen before. full review
  80. The Tempest 1979 full review
  81. The Buddy Holly Story 1978 full review
  82. Convoy 1978 A bad joke that backfires on the director. full review
  83. Grease 1978 Its sensibility is not tied to the past but to a free-wheeling, well informed, high-spirited present. full review
  84. Paradise Alley 1978 full review
  85. 3 Women 1977 Like a dream, it is most mysterious and allusive when it appears to be most precise and direct, when its images are of the recognizable world unretouched (as happens in the film from time to time) by camera filters or lab technicians. full review
  86. Annie Hall 1977 There will be discussion about what points in the film coincide with the lives of its two stars, but this, I think, is to detract from and trivialize the achievement of the film, which, at last, puts Woody in the league with the best directors we have. full review
  87. Julia 1977 The movie looks soft, which has nothing to do with the Hellman flintiness, guts, self-mockery, wisdom, above all, impatience with cant. full review
  88. The Rescuers 1977 Efficiently short, charming, mildly scary in unimportant ways, and occasionally very funny. full review
  89. The Turning Point 1977 The Turning Point is entertaining, not for discovering new material, but for treating old material with style and romantic feeling that, in this day and age, seem remarkably unafraid. full review
  90. Assault on Precinct 13 1976 Mr. Carpenter is an extremely resourceful director whose ability to construct films entirely out of action and movement suggests that he may one day be a director to rank with Don Siegel. full review
  91. The Bad News Bears 1976 [Ritchie] keeps the sentimentality in check most of the time and obtains first-rate performers from his miniature cast all of the time. full review
  92. King Kong 1976 full review
  93. Swashbuckler 1976 full review
  94. Bucktown 1975 full review
  95. Escape to Witch Mountain 1975 A Walt Disney production for children who will watch absolutely anything that moves. full review
  96. The French Connection II 1975 full review
  97. Funny Lady 1975 full review
  98. The Great Waldo Pepper 1975 full review
  99. Death Wish 1974 It's a despicable movie, one that raises complex questions in order to offer bigoted, frivolous, oversimplified answers. full review
  100. Dirty Mary Crazy Larry 1974 The film is so bereft of emotion and so full of physical movement that it's possible this is a point that John Hough, the director, and the screenwriters wanted to make. It's a very small point to be made by such a noisy picture. full review
  101. The Great Gatsby 1974 The movie can't see this through all its giant closeups of pretty knees and dancing feet. It's frivolous without being much fun. full review
  102. Thieves Like Us 1974 It is full of things to think about, that hang in the memory like the details of a banal crime story on page 32, which, though read quickly, won't go away. Somehow you know that this happened. full review
  103. Charley Varrick 1973 full review
  104. Don't Look Now 1973 Not only do you probably have better things to do, but so, I'm sure, do most of the people connected with the film. full review
  105. The Long Goodbye 1973 [Altman] attempts the impossible and pulls it off. full review
  106. The Paper Chase 1973 By the end it has melted into a blob of cliches. full review
  107. Paper Moon 1973 The film never makes up its mind whether it wants to be an instant antique or a comment on one. full review
  108. Robin Hood 1973 The visual style is charmingly conventional, as gently reassuring as that of a Donald Duck cartoon, sometimes as romantically pretty as an old Silly Symphony. full review
  109. Serpico 1973 A remarkable record of one man's rebellion against the sort of sleaziness and second-rateness that has affected so much American life, from the ingredients of its hamburgers to the ethics of its civil servants and politicians. full review
  110. Frogs 1972 full review
  111. Minnie and Moskowitz 1971 The fact is that although I admired specific things about the film, I never laughed very much and only felt slight, distant tremors of the joy that, I assume, rocked everyone connected with the movie during its production. full review
  112. Silent Running 1971 Silent Running is no jerry-built science fiction film, but it's a little too simple-minded to be consistently entertaining. full review
  113. They Might Be Giants 1971 full review
  114. Love Story 1970 The only really depressing thing about Love Story is the thought of all of the terrible imitations that will inevitably follow it. full review
  115. Patton 1970 It's both fascinating and appalling the sort of extravagant technically superior spectacle that only a big Hollywood movie company could afford to make, and the story of a man about whom only the Establishment could become genuinely sentimental. full review
  116. Tora! Tora! Tora! 1970 As history, it seems a fairly accurate account of what happened, although it never much bothers its head about why. As film art, it is nothing less than a $25-million irrelevancy. full review
  117. Tristana 1970 Viridiana is his undoubted masterpiece, but Tristana is more pure and more consistent, less ambiguous and more complex. full review
  118. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969 Very funny in a strictly contemporary way-the last exuberant word on movies about the men of the mythic American West who have outlived their day. full review
  119. Easy Rider 1969 Hopper, Fonda and their friends went out into America looking for a movie and found instead a small, pious statement (upper case) about our society (upper case), which is sick (upper case). It's pretty but lower case cinema. full review
  120. En Passion (A Passion) (The Passion of Anna) 1969 The Passion of Anna is one of Bergman's most beautiful films (it is his second in color), all tawny, wintry grays and browns, deep blacks, and dark greens, highlighted occasionally by splashes of red, sometimes blood. full review
  121. Night of the Living Dead 1968 The dialogue and background music sound hollow, as if they had been recorded in an empty swimming pool, and the wobbly camera seems to have a fetishist's interest in hands. full review
  122. Born Free 1966 full review

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