Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

  1. Texas Chainsaw 2013 All the makers of "Texas Chainsaw 3D" cared about was getting your $16. full review
  2. All Together 2012 Minutes and minutes of cute comedy ensue. full review
  3. Alps 2012 An hour and a half of darkening absurdism. full review
  4. Barbara 2012 The movie's quiet power comes from its air of meticulously maintained suspicion. full review
  5. The Central Park Five 2012 What's amazing about listening to them speak now, often through tears, is the absence of bitterness. full review
  6. Cheerful Weather For The Wedding 2012 What it doesn't have is drama or wisdom or comedy or heat, something to temper the banalities. full review
  7. Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel 2012 The movie has a lot going for it. full review
  8. The Flat 2012 There's something touching about the way Goldfinger obeys his moral compass. full review
  9. Flight 2012 Just a couple of hours with Washington reclining within the contours of a role until a piece of cardboard becomes a character. full review
  10. Holy Motors 2012 I don't know what Lavant is playing here because I've never seen anything like it. full review
  11. How to Survive a Plague 2012 France and his crew have sculpted years of old broadcast-news stories and home videos into a narrative that is impressionistic in its scope but coherent in its feeling. full review
  12. I Wish 2012 The sort of small film of real consequence that, as a kid, I remember seeing and completely losing myself in: That was my life. full review
  13. The Innkeepers 2012 For too long, this movie asks us to be interested in something that rarely in the history of the service industry has been sustainably entertaining: how dull certain jobs can be. full review
  14. The Loneliest Planet 2012 Loktev has written and directed with a haunting emphasis on the shortcomings of some interpersonal communication. full review
  15. Mansome 2012 It's a movie so late in noticing a shift in American male grooming that for a documentary on the subject to work, Spurlock would either have to pitch it to our grandparents (or be a grandparent) or trace the arc of the shift and unpack it. full review
  16. The Paperboy 2012 This is just the sort of movie certain people are hoping to see when they go to the movies but would never say they go to the movies for. full review
  17. The Possession 2012 "The Possession" is morally lazy. full review
  18. Side by Side 2012 You can feel the future, even if some of what you feel is worrying. full review
  19. Silent House 2012 "Silent House'' is up to something. The filmmakers, Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, must have seen plenty of horror movies worth discussing in a women's studies class. full review
  20. Sleepwalk With Me 2012 "Sleepwalk With Me" traps Birbiglia inside his own head. He desperately needs a movie or cable series that wakes him up and sets his material loose on the outside world. full review
  21. The Waiting Room 2012 The movie observes the general misery of needing serious medical treatment and the particular awfulness of needing medical treatment you can't pay for. full review
  22. Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day 2012 This overplotted, underwritten, powerfully dumb soap-thriller has more professionalism than it deserves. full review
  23. The Flowers of War 2011 All Zhang's splendor does is foster cognitive dissonance in an audience. full review
  24. Goodbye First Love 2011 This is an easy movie to spoil. It's rather plotless. But things happen in precisely the way that life happens. full review
  25. Gun Hill Road 2011 Feels like it's been workshopped, from its string of coincidences to its tidy downbeat conclusion in which Green stabs at irony with a dull knife. full review
  26. Hell and Back Again 2011 Dennis's film attempts something few documentaries have: to inhabit the psyche of its subject. full review
  27. The Iron Lady 2011 Everything Streep does here is a seismic act of theater. If she so much as tilts her head, the earth tilts with it. She doesn't simply overwhelm this thin historic biography - and the other actors around her - she detonates it. full review
  28. Keep the Lights On 2011 The movie over-blurs the line between plain and plaintive. It's not necessarily craziness you crave, it's inflection; it's need, if not from the characters then from the filmmaking. full review
  29. Polisse 2011 All the tears I shed were hard-earned. So were all the laughing and clapping and eye-covering. full review
  30. Seven Days In Utopia 2011 If I understand "Seven Days in Utopia,'' some guys spend their entire day thinking about golf, and God thinks those guys are crazy. full review
  31. Undefeated 2011 "Undefeated'' needs less of what we know we've seen (the football stuff) and more of the players' and coaches' lives, which even if we feel we've seen, we haven't. full review
  32. The Ward 2011 How depressing to discover that John Carpenter is the man running this operation. His talent for building and sustaining suspense has now warped into flaccid attempt at fright and ogling ringers for Britney Spears and, in Heard's case, Scarlett Johansson. full review
  33. Armadillo 2010 It's alluring to watch. full review
  34. Bill Cunningham New York 2010 It's as much a portrait of a kind of artist as it is a document of a city's evolving sense of style. full review
  35. Biutiful 2010 Inarritu wants to run us ragged - physically, spiritually, emotionally, it's all the same to him. And he'll empty his complete cinematic arsenal to do so. full review
  36. Cave of Forgotten Dreams 2010 What we come to love about Herzog's documentary is Herzog's love itself. full review
  37. Centurion 2010 Flaming arrows, spears, and knives have no problem finding their way to the back of a mouth. The profanity is delightful. And the general atmosphere is grim. The movie just isn't terribly inspired. full review
  38. City of Life and Death 2010 Lu does more with the first 50 minutes than some directors accomplish in 10 movies. full review
  39. Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer 2010 It takes Gibney almost two hours to build his own argument regarding the airing of Spitzer's laundry, and, having watched it twice, that length is inexplicable. full review
  40. Cool It 2010 On one level, this is one filmmaker thumbing her nose at another. Unfortunately, a lot of what was wrong with Guggenheim's movie is wrong with Timoner's. full review
  41. Countdown to Zero 2010 World destruction is no laughing matter, and yet this movie's treatment of it is sometimes amusingly desperate. full review
  42. Hatchet II 2010 The movie is never as cheeky or as fun as Green thinks it is, but he tries with all his might. full review
  43. Heartbeats 2010 All the dramatic protraction gets at both a heaviness of romantic desire and emotional viscosity. full review
  44. I Saw the Devil 2010 As revenge fantasy, "I Saw the Devil'' is clever. As comedy, it's sick. As moviegoing, it's tedious... full review
  45. Kaboom 2010 "Kaboom'' is currently having all the sex other American comedies are too shy and too commercial for. full review
  46. Sons of Perdition 2010 Very little of it adds up to a movie. full review
  47. Today's Special 2010 Shah is a bonus for the movie. This smooth, self-confident, inarguably sexy veteran actor doesn't steal the film so much as wrap it around his finger. full review
  48. Waste Land 2010 "Waste Land'' is just what the film's website says it is: "stirring evidence of the transformative power of art and the alchemy of the human spirit.'' full review
  49. The Proposal 2009 Why a screenwriter would think hilarity would ensue from this premise is anybody's guess. full review
  50. Cairo Time 2009 The movie isn't sure what, politically or even romantically, it's about. full review
  51. The Fourth Kind 2009 In two climactic scenes, the screen goes fuzzy. For over a minute what we're watching is basically a television on the fritz. The only place that's ever been frightening is in the privacy of your living room. full review
  52. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest 2009 As superb as the Swedish actress Noomi Rapace has been up to this point, there's nothing she can do to bring craft or excitement to the act of texting. full review
  53. Great Directors 2009 Rarely have clips from so many good and great movies been put to such dull use. full review
  54. World's Greatest Dad 2009 At times, the film recalls some amalgam of Heathers' and Election,' but its talons don't draw the same blood. full review
  55. Chocolate 2008 It's called Chocolate, but Cheese would have been just as good. Soaked with tears, full of schmaltz, and yet strewn with bodies, Prachya Pinkaew's new kick-'em-up is extreme action, extreme melodrama, and extremely hard to resist. full review
  56. Food, Inc. 2008 The whole thing is as subtle as a watermelon in a bowl of Cheerios but necessary, nonetheless. full review
  57. Let the Right One In 2008 The beauty of Let the Right One In resides in the way the horror remains grounded in a tragic kind of love. full review
  58. New York, I Love You 2008 How could so ethnically and artistically diverse a field of filmmakers produce a work of such lifeless uniformity? full review
  59. The Tale of Despereaux 2008 A skillfully managed fairy tale about a mouse, a rat, and fairy tales in general. full review
  60. Beaufort 2007 full review
  61. Cidade dos Homens (City of Men) 2007 Where City of God was ferocious, grandiose, and glamorous, this movie is modest and intimate, acoustic where the other was desperate to electrify. full review
  62. Descent 2007 full review
  63. Auf der Anderen Seite (The Edge of Heaven) (On the Other Side) 2007 In a single two-hour film, Akin strikes the notes of emotional distress, geographical dissonance, generational discord, and nearly divine convergence that Kieslowski orchestrated over nearly six hours. full review
  64. Evening 2007 Not even a firm approach can rescue Evening from the enveloping thematic finery. It's a hopelessly classy piece of china. full review
  65. Hot Rod 2007 As a director, Schaffer has a cool, punchy style, but his full-length movie dead-ends. The flavor runs out. full review
  66. How About You 2007 How About You is based on a Maeve Binchy story about the residents of an Irish retirement home. full review
  67. Munyurangabo 2007 full review
  68. Outsourced 2007 Jeffcoat handles the ostensible cultural differences gingerly. The movie's approach to globalism is to play everything small and keep everybody human. full review
  69. Surfwise 2007 The movie feels exhaustive in its loaded 90-something minutes, showing and telling us much while leaving the meaning of the tangles and twists in this family open to interpretation. For once, the tip of the iceberg is enough. full review
  70. Year of the Dog 2007 [Writer-director White] is perceptive and gentle enough a director to allow Peggy to become a dog person of tragic proportions without laughing at her. He's a humorist with a humane core. full review
  71. Charlotte's Web 2006 Woe be to the child who doesn't mist up at this movie, since it's been made if not with zip, wit, or imagination, then at least with sweetness. But I hope no one will think the film is an adequate replacement for White's book. That would be a crime. full review
  72. Golden Door 2006 A movie about immigration that even Lou Dobbs can get behind. It's so hypnotically breathtaking, you don't realize you're not breathing. By the final shot, you don't realize you're crying either, but there go the tears. full review
  73. Jackass: Number Two 2006 The double feat of Jackass is that it weds the obviously juvenile with the arrestingly profound. The boys of Delta Kappa Epsilon and their TAs can watch this movie in the same theater. full review
  74. Jesus Camp 2006 It might be too much to ask for a little more diversity in the movie's subjects. Aren't there any boring, conventionally innocent kids marching in God's army? full review
  75. The Wind That Shakes the Barley 2006 What does come through is Loach's characteristic disdain for cheap romanticism and easy answers. full review
  76. Old Joy 2005 The movie explores the increasingly coarse line between nostalgia and acceptance for the way things are, without exclamatory revelation and uproarious self-pity. It's Sideways for realists. full review
  77. 13 Going on 30 2004 It's looking for comedy and romance in the obvious places. full review
  78. Dust to Glory 2004 Getting all that human race into the film's 92-minute run time is probably an accomplishment, just not a very involving one. full review
  79. The Goebbels Experiment 2004 [A] weirdly enthralling film of excerpts from Goebbels's diaries. full review
  80. Jersey Girl 2004 This is a very good collection of episodes about the weekly compromises that parents make for their kids and the little dreams that children have for themselves. full review
  81. White Chicks 2004 The film feels long when it should be brisk, and it's bloated with stretches of hot, dead air. full review
  82. Daddy Day Care 2003 A scentless bouquet of potty jokes, crotch kicks, and Scooter-P. full review
  83. DysFunKtional Family 2003 [Griffin's] riffs lack enough insight to qualify as observations and the wit to be considered consistently funny. full review
  84. Radio 2003 After some student and parental resistance, a medley of obvious platitudes and great bathos washes over the place, and everybody is righteously lifted up where they belong. full review
  85. Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over 2003 The film itself is practically a Saturday-matinee tribute to the Atari Hall of Fame -- from Tron to Q*bert -- and almost reproduces the druggy, hyperactive 2-D world of Nintendo. full review
  86. The Station Agent 2003 Dinklage's face and demeanor, his sense of solitude, ballasts some of the film's loonier episodes. There's always something on his mind, and you're always wondering what it is. full review
  87. Ararat 2002 Before long, you get Egoyan's big idea -- and it's hardly a good one. He wants to turn the movie screen into a blackboard. full review
  88. The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys 2002 Built for nothing but the laziest Saturday afternoons, Altar Boys is zipless enough to seem to receive its narrative rhythms and emotional energy intravenously. full review
  89. Girls Will Be Girls 2002 An unprecedented exercise in derangement. full review
  90. Irreversible 2002 Noe's summation is an ideological sucker-punch from a filmmaker who gets off on abusive relationships. full review
  91. Rabbit-Proof Fence 2002 Essentially, Noyce just wants to tell a good story, which he does. full review
  92. Russian Ark 2002 Russian Ark does for the history-blind what any halfway decent drug movie can do to nonjunkies: pushes a mean contact high. full review
  93. Star Trek - Nemesis 2002 This is the fourth film to feature the Next Generation crew, and everyone is still off-track after the ideologically unsound, sparsely entertaining Insurrection. full review
  94. Tadpole 2002 Tadpole was written in wisps and watery double-entendres by Heather McGowan and Niels Mueller, and the movie is so benign that its proceedings are beside the point. full review
  95. The United States of Leland 2002 full review
  96. XXX 2002 The racially ambiguous Diesel cuts a fine action figure. He has the glacial swagger left over from his bouncer days and looks as if he's been bench-pressing Sylvester Stallone since he was 12. full review
  97. Solo Con Tu Pareja 1991 full review
  98. As Tears Go By 1988 This sounds like a fairly standard debut. But Wong smothers the story with tremendous style. full review
  99. /titles/197415 This sequel is overstaffed with a cast that's underserved by Don D. Scott's schematic script and Kevin Rodney Sullivan's crude direction. full review
  100. /titles/197684 This is a bright-looking movie with a long face that seems to have learned nothing about life from death but cliches. full review
  101. /titles/199824 The picture's images linger. full review
  102. /titles/198248 The Core is such a feat of go-for-broke heroism and you-gotta-be -kiddin'-me ridiculousness that it almost qualifies as a feel-good diversion -- with just a quarter of the runaway jingoism of your average disaster extravaganza. full review
  103. /titles/197208 Were I to tell you the summer's most awesome blockbuster action sequel involved a war over a piece of chalk, you'd laugh. But it's true. full review
  104. /titles/197378 This new movie is a more credible, less grisly act of filmmaking , but it's a less compelling exercise. It doesn't have the ruthless moral reasoning of the first two Saw pictures, however grotesque and specious that reasoning was. full review
  105. /titles/197527 The movie itself is never truly clear. If it's also never intentionally bad, its unintentional badness keeps blasting into shockingly clever places. full review
  106. /titles/199828 As you might expect, the movie is as square as a sock hop. full review
  107. /titles/198169 Corkscrewed, inside-out, upside-down, simultaneously clear-eyed and completely out of its mind. full review
  108. /titles/198490 full review
  109. /titles/198266 The film is way too banal to raise any questions of its own. [Director] Dunne, for his part, doesn't conjure up any kind of inspired visual atmosphere or compelling psychological tension. Nothing is as funny, touching, true, or sad as it should be. full review
  110. /titles/197588 A film about this problem should have some larger point to make, some narrative to construct, something personal to tell us. This film has only whiffs of each. full review
  111. /titles/199807 It's an exasperating exercise in B-movie hokum and screenwriter's gimmickry. full review
  112. /titles/197205 Lola, at least the way Ejiofor plays her, has a sad story she's eager to tell. The movie never entirely figures out what to do with this. full review
  113. /titles/198000 Everybody looks like they're having fun in Little Man, another inane outing from the Wayans brothers. And with some ineptly made comedies, that's good enough. full review
  114. /titles/198458 The film creates a revolutionary lens through which the movies' relationship to Los Angeles will never look the same. full review
  115. /titles/199801 Sandler is ready to be himself again, which means veering between his usual devilish savant and a newer post-adolescent gentleman. full review
  116. /titles/199836 A relentless sucker punch to black entrepreneurship. full review
  117. /titles/199839 A likable documentary profile. full review