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Released 2018

Now What?! - Season 2 2018 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
IMDb Searing with realism and playing in real time, these personal exposés begin at the moment of climax and reveal the unique nakedness of après sex pillow talk, which leads to the... Paul Galliano Here TV HereTV drama, gaylesbian
Work in Progress 2018 Play Amazon Page TV-MA SD
After quitting her mundane retail job and proclaiming herself a "documentarian sociologist," Taylor sets off to capture and unpack the role of work in the lives of Americans. Here TV HereTV

Released 2017

The (Dead Mothers) Club 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
4.0/5 (2)  IMDb 6.1/10 (117) The (Dead Mothers) Club tells the story of three women, all of whom lost their mothers during adolescence. Structured around a series of interviews featuring Rosie O'Donnell,... Rosie O'Donnell Passion River Films HereTV 72 minutes documentary, nonfiction
Blackville 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
2.5/5 (6)  IMDb A preacher's kid finds himself stuck between choosing rehion or the freedom of self-expression. Keith Peetiway Bawn Television HereTV drama, gaylesbian, nonfiction
Bwoy 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (36)  IMDb Bwoy follows Brad O'Connor who, after the death of his son, becomes entangled in a chaotic and passionate online love affair with Yenny, a young Jamaican man. With both Brad and... Anthony Rapp Breaking Glass HereTV, Sundance Now 87 minutes drama, gaylesbian, thriller
Cheetah In August 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
4.0/5 (27)  IMDb August has a new life and new job and finds out the truth about his power. Donna and Jarvis have a few family. Brennen has an urgent request after finding out a secret. Anthony's... Andre Myers Bawn Television HereTV gaylesbian
Do You Take This Man 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (94)  IMDb 6.0/10 (99) An intimate group of friends and family gather at the home of two gay men to celebrate their nuptials. When the wedding hits a snag, this group helps the grooms to see that all... Anthony Rapp Breaking Glass Pictures HereTV 93 minutes comedy, drama, gaylesbian
Dream Boy 2017 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (86)  IMDb 6.2/10 (3.4k) Based on the novel by Jim Grimsley, "Dream Boy" chronicles the relationship between two gay teenagers in the rural south in the late 70's. Rooney Mara Here TV HereTV 90 minutes drama, gaylesbian
Fall 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.0/5 (4)  IMDb 6.4/10 (35) In Niagara Falls, Father Sam (Michael Murphy) is forced to examine his past behavior when he receives a letter from a man accusing him of sexual misconduct 40 years earlier. Michael Murphy Breaking Glass Pictures HereTV 81 minutes drama
Falling for Angels 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA SD
IMDb In this riveting anthology series, an all-star cast led by Steve Grand, Daniel Franzese, Jason London and Alec Mapa, will explore every facet of modern-day relationships--love,... Here TV HereTV
H.I.M 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.5/5 (22)  IMDb H.I.M is a new coming of age tell story about a young Damien going to college for the first time. Brandon Karson Bawn Television HereTV drama, gaylesbian
Hidden Kisses 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (341)  IMDb 7.4/10 (1.2k) Nathan goes to a high school party and meets Louis. The two find themselves out of sight and kissing, but someone takes a photo of them. Whenthe photo is placed online, a storm... Bérenger Anceaux Breaking Glass Pictures Dekkoo, HereTV 87 minutes drama, gaylesbian
John Apple Jack 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (174)  IMDb 5.9/10 (121) When playboy John (Chris McNally) discovers his sister's fiancé is childhood crush Jack (Kent S. Leung), passions ignite and his life spirals out of control. Losing his job,... Chris McNally Uncork'd Entertainment HereTV 88 minutes comedy, gaylesbian, independentfilm
Kept Boy 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (45)  IMDb 5.6/10 (172) Designer/reality show star Farleigh Knock has a knack for keeping beautiful things around his home - like Dennis. So when Fairleigh gives him an ultimatum for his 30th birthday... Jon Paul Phillips Breaking Glass Pictures HereTV 89 minutes comedy, drama, gaylesbian
Mess 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA SD
IMDb Soon after moving to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming an actor, 22-year-old Andy is diagnosed with HIV. Now, Andy and his three best friends must come to terms with... Here TV HereTV
The Nurse 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-14 HD
3.0/5 (1)  IMDb 5.9/10 (25) A young woman takes in her estranged father after he suffers a stroke, but his home-care nurse's attentive dedication may be masking a dark and dangerous secret. Willa Ford Here TV HereTV 89 minutes drama, independentfilm, thriller
On the Other Hand, Death 2017 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (35)  IMDb 6.4/10 (613) When a lesbian couple refuses to sell their home for a mega-shopping mall, Donald Strachey's attempts to protect them are complicated by extortion, kidnapping and murder. Chad Allen Here TV HereTV 85 minutes drama, gaylesbian, thriller
Out West 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.0/5 (4)  IMDb 6.5/10 (13) Reno celebutante Prissy Alcott returns to her childhood home in Colorado when she learns that her family has gone broke and is selling their ranch. With the help of her three gay... Jennifer Elise Cox Here TV HereTV 97 minutes comedy, gaylesbian, independentfilm, western
People Like Us 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-14 SD
IMDb 7.1/10 (34k) Following the lives of four gay men, 'People Like Us' is a poignant reflection and insightful look at being gay in Singapore. In addition to the sexual escapades and... Here TV HereTV
Retake 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (125)  IMDb 6.3/10 (460) Jonathan returned to SF with a mission. He finds what he's looking for in a flirty young hustler and a proposition is made: He will accompany Jonathan on a road trip, role... Devon Graye Breaking Glass HereTV 98 minutes drama, gaylesbian, thriller
Shelter 2017 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (554)  IMDb 7.8/10 (18k) Zach put aside aspirations for art school to help out his family, but a summer romance with his friend's brother forces him to make important decisions about his life. Trevor Wright Here TV HereTV 88 minutes drama, gaylesbian, independentfilm
Staying Vertical 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (7)  IMDb 6.2/10 (1.5k) A film maker has to raise a child by himself whilst looking for an inspiration for his new film. India Hair Strand Releasing HereTV 101 minutes comedy, drama, international
Stuff 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.5/5 (63)  IMDb 4.2/10 (185) A married lesbian couple in a rut seem to be going through the motions of a life together but excitement comes to town in the guise of a single tattooed mother who proves to... Yvonne Jung Gravitas Ventures HereTV 97 minutes drama, gaylesbian, independentfilm
Swell - Season 1 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
2.5/5 (19)   Swell follows the everyday lives of five men living together on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Unbeknownst to one another, each of them is living some aspect of his life on the... Eric Colton Here TV HereTV drama, gaylesbian