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Mar 18, 2019

Big Laugh's"Straight Drop" whipped by Arnesto 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
Comedians tend to frown on small crowds with the notion that the Energy is not there. This project proves the naysayers Wrong again. Big Laugh's"Straight Drop" is 26 min. of... arnesto ross 26 minutes comedy
Blonde Ambition: Executive Sweet 2019 Play Amazon Page NC-17 SD
She dreams big and lives even bigger. Aria (April Hanna) is a modern woman who knows what she wants and just how to get it. Pretty enough to be a movie star, Aria decided to run... April Hanna Full Moon Features 57 minutes drama, gaylesbian
Traffic Stop 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-14 HD
2.0/5 (14)  IMDb [HBO] HD. Academy Award(R) Nominee Documentary Short Subject. A profile of Breaion King whose brutal arrest was captured by police dashcams. HBO 30 minutes documentary

Mar 17, 2019

Bikini Girls vs Dinosaurs 2014 Play Amazon Page HD
Somewhere in outer space three super-hot space fighter pilots - Solara, Tansy and Cala (the Bikini Girls) fly daring combat missions whilst maintaining fabulous hair. Hannah Robson Filmhub 51 minutes comedy
Don't. Stop. Running 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
Two estranged brothers - thrown together for a treasure hunt - soon find that they are the ones being hunted. As they race across an island wilderness they soon realise that if... Jerome Thompson Filmhub 91 minutes action
The Flying Saucer - The Frst UFO Feature Film 1950 Play Amazon Page HD
The first ever U.F.O. feature; American Intelligence officials learn Soviet spies are exploring a remote region of the Alaskan Territory for answers to the worldwide reports of... Mikel Conrad Legend Films 75 minutes action, scifi, thriller
Frank Zappa - Apostrophe (') / Over-nite Sensation (Classic Album) 2007 Play Amazon Page HD
The story of the recording of Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention's"Over-Nite Sensation" and Zappa's solo album"Apostrophe (')". Frank Zappa Eagle Rock Entertainment 49 minutes documentary
Kingdoms in Time 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
Amazing Facts presents Kingdoms in Time, a life-changing documentary that explores the most striking Bible predictions that have come true. Journey through ancient Israel and... Doug Batchelor Amazing Facts International 60 minutes action, adventure, documentary
The Lost Missile - An Original Schlock Classic 1958 Play Amazon Page HD
The appearance of an unknown "missile-like" object in nearby space leads a unnamed European nation to fire a rocket at it. Though it intercepts the unidentified object, the... Robert Loggia United Artists 70 minutes action
Tarzan And The Green Goddess - Starring Herman Brix as Tarzan 1938 Play Amazon Page HD
Second of 2 feature-length films re-edited from the 12-chapter serial "The New Adventures of Tarzan" (1935). At his English manor, Lord Greystoke (A.K.A. Tarzan), recounts his... Herman Brix Burroughs-Tarzan Enterprises Inc. 67 minutes action, adventure, drama
What's the Matter with Gerald? 2016 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (19)   A hypochondriac annoys his partner when he takes an eccentric healer's advice. Syndicado 99 minutes comedy

Mar 16, 2019

Active Hip Mobility Practice 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
Build strength and mobility in this trip around your hips! Rocky Heron Yoga International 49 minutes
Beyond The Next Mountain 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (98)  IMDb 7.6/10 (69) The story of how the Gospel of John changed the course of history for a tribe of headhunters. This is the story of Rochunga's personal pilgrimage. It is an unforgettable saga of... Alberto Isaac Vision Video, Inc. 98 minutes drama
Building Balance After Pregnancy 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
Simple practices that can help you build strength and rediscover your center. Sue Elkind Yoga International 35 minutes
A Calm Sea Sways 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Years after her sister goes missing, Claire still struggles to move on. Bad relationships with her mother and now ex-boyfriend have put her in a vulnerable place and on the... Michelle Donnelly Reverie Films 13 minutes drama
Dream Theater - Live At Luna Park 2012 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (216)   Live concert recorded on August 19 and 20, 2012 at Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, supporting their "A Dramatic Turn of Events" album. Dream Theater Eagle Rock Entertainment 160 minutes music
The Egtved Girl 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
She was young, strong, and very courageous, but she met an untimely demise in the summer of 1370 BC. Many were saddened by her death and devastated by the loss of the Egtved... MagellanTV; Magellan TV 52 minutes documentary
Elliott Smith - Heaven Adores You 2015 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (47)   Heaven Adores You is an intimate, meditative inquiry into the life and music of Elliott Smith. By threading the music of Elliott Smith through the dense, yet often isolating... Elliott Smith Eagle Rock Entertainment 104 minutes documentary
Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Classic Album) 2001 Play Amazon Page SD
The story behind one of the most popular double-albums of all-time, Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, featuring Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, Candle in the Wind,... Elton John Eagle Rock Entertainment 49 minutes documentary
Eric Clapton - Planes, Trains & Eric 2014 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (128)   Eric Clapton is one of the most revered guitarists of all time. From his early days with the Yardbirds, through John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek And The... Eric Clapton Eagle Rock Entertainment 145 minutes documentary
Exes Baggage 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
Pia (Angelica Panganiban) bumps into her ex-boyfriend Nix (Carlo Aquino) at their friend's bar opening making for an awkward ex-lover interaction. Despite their once deeply... Angelica Panganiban Black Sheep 103 minutes drama
Frank Sinatra - A Man And His Music 1965 Play Amazon Page SD
4.0/5 (40)   First broadcast by NBC on November 24, 1965, A Man And His Music was Sinatra's first annual one-hour television special. Broadcast at a time when television was in the process of... Frank Sinatra Eagle Rock Entertainment 51 minutes music
Frank Sinatra - Concert For The Americas 1982 Play Amazon Page SD
4.5/5 (159)  IMDb 8.8/10 (23) The Concert For The Americas was a music festival held in the Dominican Republi in a 5,000-seat, open air Greek-style venue. This spectacular concert, staged on August 20, 1982,... Frank Sinatra Eagle Rock Entertainment 86 minutes music
Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Roxy The Movie 2015 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (6)   A Frank Zappa show goes far beyond a mere concert - it is an experience... a flight of improvisation, musicianship, and cerebral cynicism. Roxy The Movie, filmed over three... Frank Zappa Eagle Rock Entertainment 95 minutes music