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Aakrosh 1989 Play Amazon Page HD
Samrat is the local goon of Debipur who is a terror for the corrupt and a saviour of the poor. His increasing power and popularity with the people led to the Police department... Victor Banerjee Angel Digital 138 minutes action
Aam Sutra 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb A group of friends have actors, musicians, director and technicians amongst themselves. They've a script ready but they find it difficult to get a producer. Everyone blames Abhi,... Sneha Roy Chowdhury Angel Digital 96 minutes drama
Aghatan 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
1.0/5 (1)   Aghatan' is a story of young love. Mou, falls in love with Babli's brother Bonny. Both the families accept their relationship and their wedding is fixed. But, suddenly Bonny... Madhumita Sarkar Angel Digital 107 minutes drama
Ami Mantri Habo 2011 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb The plot is centralized on Jadu Datta, who decides to run for the elections against Sudarshan Roychoudhury. He decides to buy off his voters with cash. Dharma, the local... Kharaj Mukherjee Angel Digital 146 minutes comedy, drama
Angti Rohosso 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb A Married Couple Sourav and Urmila goes for their honeymoon in a Resort. After staying for 2 days Urmila felt that a Ghost was trying to take out a ring from her hand. The... Shaan Mukherjee Angel Digital 82 minutes thriller
Antaraal 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)  IMDb Pre-marital pregnancy, a big town society dealing with it - clandestinely, the follies and foibles of a few individuals who get entwined with the lives of two women who come... Harsh Chhaya Angel Digital 134 minutes drama
Antorshotta 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb Mishti is the only friend Ujan has in his life besides his mother. They grew up together and eventually he fell in love with Mishti. But Sid and Mishti get married. Ujan's mother... Rajdeep Sarkar Angel Digital 119 minutes drama
Arale 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
Sabuj and Saswata are two brothers. Sabuj gets married to Mou. Unable to bear the pain of losing Mou he drowns Sabuj in the tide. Saswata re-marries Mou and takes her for a... Manoj Ojha Angel Digital 104 minutes drama
Bawali Unlimited 2012 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)  IMDb Santo And Pappu Are From Small Villages. Santo Dreams Of Becoming A Super Star While Pappu Dreams Of Owning A Mercedes Showroom. They Go To Kolkata And Work As Dance Teacher &... Payel Sarkar Angel Digital 138 minutes comedy
Biporjoy 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb Pratik Choudhury is a young engineer, tasked with constructing a dam across a river in Suryanagar, a fictitious village in Bengal. Along the way he has to deal with wicked... Indraneil Sengupta Angel Digital 120 minutes action, drama
Charulata 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb The film tells the story of a lonely housewife, known as Charu, who lives a wealthy life in Calcutta. Her husband, Bhupati runs a newspaper and spends a lot more time at work... Pritha Sur Angel Digital 100 minutes drama
Chhayapath - A Love Story 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb Chhayapath, is a love story where Dipu comes to a village and falls in love with Moyna. He starts working as a teacher in the village school of his college professor Akshay... Indrajit Angel Digital 126 minutes drama
Chotto Goyenda 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb Amit Dey went for his business to Mahulboni famous for a haunted house. Rini and Boni his daughters & Priyanka accompany him. In curiosity they went to that haunted house and met... Anamika Saha Angel Digital 102 minutes drama
Dash Mash Dash Diner Galpo 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)  IMDb The Last Refuge For Elderly Parents Abandoned By Their Children, Apanjan Is An Old Age Home. The Film Revolves Around The Lives Of Apanjans Inhabitants, And How Karma Finds Its... Sabyasachi Chakraborty Angel Digital 114 minutes drama
Death of Love 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb Sayan & taniya love each other deeply. Their love is real& true, anyone can say it's an enternal love. Her family can't accept the relationship between Sayan& Taniya. One Morning... Mon Angel Digital 117 minutes drama
Ebong Bisarjan 2012 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb The story of Ebong Bisarjan is revolving the life of Gopal. Gopal is a boy from a poor family. He wants to do acting in theatre so he join a theatre group. Tista is a producer of... Soumitra Chatterjee Angel Digital 100 minutes drama
Ips Officer 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
Bidyut witnesses his elder sister Nayan's death in childhood. Nayan tried to protest against the drug mafias. Bidyut escapes and takes shelter from a kind-hearted woman. he grows... Deba Angel Digital 137 minutes drama
Jashoda 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
Jasoda became the mother of Sri Krishna in the same way, Laxmi an upper class girl was forced to take care of a child in the Roy family to earn her living due to the torture of... Bhaskar Banerjee Angel Digital 124 minutes drama
Jiboner Rong 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb Archana is a rape victim. She gets pregnant from that rape and gives birth to a son. A couple finds her in distress and helps her. Archana's struggle to raise her son and help... Victor Banerjee angel Digital 120 minutes drama
Kalpataroo 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb Anaadimohan, is loved by everyone for his uncommon qualities. His young wife Kamala, inspite of having such a yawning gap of age difference with her husband, does not have any... Sneha Goswami Angel Digital 103 minutes drama
Life In Park Street 2012 Play Amazon Page HD
1.0/5 (1)  IMDb Life In Park Street' captures the cosmopolitan nature of Park Street in Kolkata. Disha's parents Radhika and Arindam are separated. Radhika gets into a relationship with a pimp.... Debashree Roy Angel Digital 153 minutes drama
Lukochurii 2010 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb Lukochuri is a sitcom and narrates the story of two thieves and how they eventually save a child's life and also help reforming the society. Jisshu Sengupta Angel Digital 117 minutes comedy
Manjid 2011 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb The tension in Ayodhya regarding Babri Masjid affects a small village where Muslims and Hindus live together. But the children of the village Ram and Rahim aren't affected by... Mrinal Mukherjee Angel Digital 130 minutes drama
Mon Bhange Aaina 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
IMDb After Meghna's sister Joita cheats on Arnab and leaves him crazy, Meghna steps up to help him recover. In the process, Arnab starts loving Meghna. On the other hand Rohan and... Meghna Haldar Angel Digital 114 minutes drama