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01-In the Beginning-Warfare! 2011 Play Amazon Page SD
In the Beginning-Warfare: In the beginning of our Old Testament studies we take a close look at the warfare the enemy lodges against us right from the beginning of creation. His... Collegium Books 49 minutes nonfiction
OTS-D05-From the Set Man to the Council 2011 Play Amazon Page SD
From the Set Man to the Council: This is a very important look at the government of God. By identifying the preferred government God has ordained for Israel, the Church, and... Collegium Books 93 minutes nonfiction
OTS-D06-The Fruit of Adultery 2011 Play Amazon Page SD
The Fruit of Adultery: We live in a culture that has lost the line of logic that connects consequence with sin. Because of this, when bad things happen, they are unaware that... Collegium Books 61 minutes nonfiction
OTS-D08-The Plan of Attack 2011 Play Amazon Page SD
The Plan of Attack: In the rebuilding of the temple after the Babylonian captivity Israel was bombarded with a series of attacks that was meant to stop the work of building the... Collegium Books 69 minutes nonfiction
OTS-D10-Becoming Established 2011 Play Amazon Page SD
Becoming Established: God will establish us if we allow Him. What does it mean to be established? At the most simplistic definition it means to be stable. Learn how you can... Collegium Books 63 minutes nonfiction
OTS-D11-The Hebrew Alphabet and the Law 2011 Play Amazon Page SD
The Hebrew Alphabet and the Law: In this lesson we look at the 119th Psalm. In this Psalm the Hebrew alphabet is revealed. We take a look at each letter along with its meaning... Collegium Books 76 minutes nonfiction
OTS-D13-Our Glorious Future Play Amazon Page NR SD
5.0/5 (1)   This DVD takes a look at the book of Isaiah. Specifically we look at the future. As Jesus returns to earth there are some surprising scriptures that bring the possibility of an... Collegium Books 84 minutes nonfiction
OTS-D14-Into Captivity Play Amazon Page NR SD
As we explore the book of Jeremiah we find that this prophet was explaining that Israel was about to go into captivity. He explained to them the things that caused it and what... Collegium Books 98 minutes nonfiction
OTS-D15-Ichabod Play Amazon Page NR SD
In this DVD we look at the book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel had a vision of the glory of God departing from the temple and consequently Israel. We find out in this vision those things... Collegium Books 59 minutes nonfiction