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Contemporary Dance Performance Conversation 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
A young man leaves the room which he has inhabited for quite some time. He takes shelter on a park bench, where he engages in a conversation with a stranger. John Carnell 37 minutes
Contemporary Dance Performance Imagination 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
What makes human communication and talking so special is imagination. Fighting for meaning and existence has made us deaf to the point that we are screaming and we cannot hear... John Carnell 61 minutes
Contemporary Dance Performance Life 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
The performance deals with the symbol of labyrinth known from the Greek mythology. Labyrinth as life full of obstacles and decisions. Doubts, fears, worries, regrets and... John Carnell 60 minutes
Contemporary Dance Performance View From A Room 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
Contemporary dance performance that tells of contemporary existence marked by the anxiety brought on by the lack of compassion and difficult human relationships. John Carnell 40 minutes
The Hunter of the Light 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
Dance performance The Hunter of the Light. John Carnell 57 minutes
Sound Art Performance - Waves of End 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
This is a sound art performance with an emphasis on madness and the need for traditional values. John Carnell 47 minutes