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10 Years Later 2012 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (13)  IMDb 7.0/10 (74) Six friends, who return home for their ten-year high school reunion, are inadvertently involved in the kidnapping of one of their childhood enemies. Jake Hoffman Lionsgate 97 minutes comedy, drama
100 Girls 2001 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (101)  IMDb 5.9/10 (18k) When a blackout knocks out an elevator in a college girl's dorm, Matthew and a mystery girl connect carnally and emotionally but he's left in the dark as to her true identity.... Jonathan Tucker Lionsgate 94 minutes comedy, drama
100 Women 2003 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.0/5 (52)  IMDb 5.0/10 (2.1k) Art student Sam (Chad Donella), stricken with love at first sight for Hope (Erinn Bartlett), spends several weeks trying to find her and then woo her out of a mysterious and... Chad Donella Lionsgate 94 minutes comedy
12 Christmas Wishes For My Dog 2012 Play Amazon Page TV-G HD
4.0/5 (53)  IMDb 5.7/10 (479) Having her dog taken away by an uptight landlord was a heart break for Laura. Willing to try anything to transform her life and get her dog back, Laura follows her best friend's... Elisa Donovan Lionsgate 88 minutes family
12 Rounds 3 Lockdown 2015 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (936)  IMDb 5.4/10 (2.2k) With twelve rounds in the clip and one shot at redemption, WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose takes on the dirty cops who framed him for homicide in this action-packed thriller. Roger R. Cross Lionsgate 90 minutes action
13TEEN 2014 Play Amazon Page R HD
IMDb 4.0/10 (322) On a stormy night, with a serial killer on the loose, Sera invites a stranger who could be a serial killer. Amanda Brown Lionsgate 82 minutes horror
13Teen 2014 Play Amazon Page R HD
On a stormy night, with a serial killer on the loose, Sera invites a stranger who could be a serial killer. Amanda Brown Lionsgate 82 minutes horror, thriller
1982 2016 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (72)  IMDb 7.1/10 (121) A father struggles to keep his family and his life together as he protects his daughter from the reality of her mother's drug addiction. Hill Harper Lionsgate 87 minutes drama
2001 Maniacs 2005 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (149)  IMDb 5.4/10 (10k) Travelers who take a wrong turn wind up becoming the main course for the hungry residents of a strange little town. Horror legend Robert Englund (Freddy from "A Nightmare on Elm... Robert Englund Lionsgate 87 minutes horror
2016 Obama's America 2012 Play Amazon Page PG HD
4.5/5 (4.2k)  IMDb 5.1/10 (8.9k) Just in time for this year's Presidential election, don't miss the must-see documentary that has the entire country talking. Best- selling author Dinesh D'Souza takes viewers on... Cait Brasel Lionsgate 87 minutes documentary
The 24 Hour Woman 1999 Play Amazon Page R HD
5.0/5 (7)  IMDb 5.8/10 (314) Grace (Rosie Perez) tries to be the perfect mother and TV producer but finds it hard to juggle both. Rosie Perez Lionsgate 92 minutes comedy, independentfilm
24 Hours to Live 2017 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (135)  IMDb 5.7/10 (7.2k) Ethan Hawke gives an explosive performance as an ex-mercenary who’s given one last shot at redemption in this nonstop action-thriller from the producers of JOHN WICK. Ethan Hawke Lionsgate 93 minutes action, adventure
247 Degrees Fahrenheit 2012 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.0/5 (3)  IMDb 5.0/10 (4.2k) When four friends travel to a lakeside cabin for a carefree weekend, the fun turns into a nightmare when three of them end up locked in a hot sauna. Christina Ulloa Lionsgate 87 minutes horror, thriller
3 Generations 2017 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (36)  IMDb 5.7/10 (3.8k) Naomi Watts, Elle Fanning, and Susan Sarandon star in this inspirational, witty, and courageous look at a family learning to accept a transgender teen for who he is. Naomi Watts Lionsgate 92 minutes comedy, drama
3 Idiotas (English Subtitled) 2017 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.0/5 (21)  IMDb 4.2/10 (661) Martha Higareda shines in this laugh-out-loud comedy about two nerdy friends who set out to find their long-lost pal, Pancho, and reunite him with the love of his life (Higareda). Martha Higareda Lionsgate 106 minutes comedy
3 Little Ninjas And The Lost Treasure 1990 Play Amazon Page PG HD
When one of their friends is kidnapped by the evil Sarak, three young boys become the 'Little Ninjas' and plot to rescue their buddy. Douglas Ivan Lionsgate 85 minutes action, adventure
3 Steps to Heaven 2005 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.0/5 (3)  IMDb 5.7/10 (106) An electrifying combination of action and suspense, 3 STEPS TO HEAVEN is an award-winning thriller about one woman's search for the truth at any cost! James Fleet Lionsgate 91 minutes drama
30 Beats (Theatrical Rental) 2012 Play Amazon Page R HD
2.5/5 (45)  IMDb 4.1/10 (751) Paz de la Huerta ("BOARDWALK EMPIRE"), Justin Kirk ("WEEDS"), Lee Pace (upcoming THE HOBBIT), Thomas Sadoski (upcoming"THE NEWSROOM") and Jennifer Tilly (BRIDE OF CHUCKY)... Justin Kirk Lionsgate 88 minutes comedy, drama, romance
30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story 2017 Play Amazon Page NR HD
5.0/5 (15)  IMDb 7.5/10 (31) In the 1980s a bunch of underground cartoonists parodied a popular doll. The resulting commercial product tapped into an international kid zeitgeist. That young generation felt... Mackenzie Astin Lionsgate 114 minutes documentary
31 2016 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (994)  IMDb 5.1/10 (14k) From the visionary mind of Rob Zombie comes a story of five carnival workers who are kidnapped and forced to fight for their lives against an endless parade of homicidal maniacs. Sheri Moon Zombie Lionsgate Shudder 103 minutes horror
3:10 To Yuma (2007) 2007 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (1.2k)  IMDb 7.8/10 (237k) An update of the 1957 Western, 3:10 TO YUMA pairs two of today's finest actors, Academy Award winner Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, as an infamous outlaw and the struggling... Russell Crowe Lionsgate 122 minutes action, western
47 Meters Down 2017 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
3.5/5 (348)  IMDb 5.7/10 (31k) Two sisters, vacationing in Mexico, are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean, with little oxygen and great white sharks circling nearby. Claire Holt Lionsgate 89 minutes horror, thriller
500 Years Later 2005 Play Amazon Page NR SD
4.5/5 (137)  IMDb 7.1/10 (163) A multi-award winning film that explores the effects of slavery that is frank, thought-provoking and moving Kolfi Adu Lionsgate 106 minutes drama
54 1998 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (268)  IMDb 5.8/10 (28k) Famous 70's NYC nightclub seen and told through the eyes of a young employee. Ryan Phillippe, , Lionsgate 100 minutes drama