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0-100 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   We brought in people ages 0-100 to answer some of life's big questions. Well, technically, we couldn't find anyone 100 years old - but we did find a gentleman who is 105. Nick Ross SoulPancake
Brick X Brick Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   Join professional LEGO artist Adam Ward to learn new ways of using everyone's favorite building brick toy! Adam Ward SoulPancake
Clip: Kid President Play Amazon Page HD
Kid President (11-year-old Robby Novak) and his brother-in-law (Brad Montague) caught the Internet's attention when they gave the world a pep talk. Pick up your tin can phone and... Robby Novak SoulPancake
Clip: SoSonia Play Amazon Page HD
Meet SoSonia! Born and raised in Indonesia, she's a creative force like no other. We want to show you the crazy creative world she lives in! Sonia Mandeville SoulPancake documentary, nonfiction, realitytv
Crush Play Amazon Page HD
Chances are, you have had a crush before at some point in your life. Someone you can't stop thinking about. Someone who gives you those nervous butterflies. But as exciting as it... Shane Whitaker SoulPancake
Dress Code Play Amazon Page HD
2.0/5 (4)   Nick and Ashley Birondo are stylists in Silicon Valley, a place known for big money and brilliant minds- but despite their brilliance, some of these minds have no idea what to... Ashley Birondo SoulPancake
Earth Your While Play Amazon Page HD
Zach Anner, a self-proclaimed "climate change idiot" is here to find out what the hell climate change is and what people across America are doing (or not doing) about it!... Zach Anner SoulPancake comedy, documentary
The Fatherhood Project Play Amazon Page HD
Filmmaker Corbyn Tyson explores what it means to be a good dad. This is a series that looks at what it means to be a father today and the role our dads played in our lives. Matt Oakes SoulPancake
Free Advice Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (2)  IMDb 11 year-old Adam Chernick is not your average 11-year-old. He wears a bowtie everyday, manages his own stock portfolio, and has the greatest toy plane collection we've ever seen.... Adam Chernick SoulPancake family, nonfiction
Gateways Play Amazon Page HD
College student Maya had the eye-opening opportunity to take a class through Gateways, an education program that enables incarcerated youth to learn alongside college students. Maya Mansour SoulPancake
Going There Play Amazon Page HD
Meet Oskar and Alexa. They left their lives on the west coast for 4 months to road trip across America. They stopped to talk with people along the way to help answer some of... Oskar SoulPancake nonfiction, realitytv
Have A Little Faith Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (2)   Zach Anner is a self-proclaimed religious idiot, who is coming to SoulPancake to learn more about faith, and different religions! Zach Anner SoulPancake comedy, documentary
Highly Evolved Human Play Amazon Page HD
When Nick Ross was 27 years old, he was diagnosed with cancer. As soon as he was finished with chemotherapy, he started telling stories of his experiences. These stories were... Nick Ross SoulPancake comedy, documentary, nonfiction
How You See Me Play Amazon Page HD
How does the world see you? Do you feel defined by your skin color, gender, or maybe even your religion? In this season, we talked with people of different descents, sexualities,... Akello Stone SoulPancake documentary, nonfiction
Impress Me Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (28)   Jim and Ross are the best celebrity impressionists you've ever heard, but there's only one problem: They want to quit doing impressions to become serious, dramatic actors. In the... Jim Meskimen SoulPancake
In Love Or Not? Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (1)   These couples may or may not still be together. Hear the the story of their relationships and decide... do you think they are still in love? Aria Song SoulPancake
Kat Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (78)  IMDb Shortly after turning 24, Kat realizes that her entire life is a mess. She can't afford rent. Her friendships are falling apart. She's single, uninsured, and completely lost.... Kesha SoulPancake
Little Kids. Big Questions. Play Amazon Page HD
Grown-ups are always searching for answers. If only they would ask the experts the tough questions! That's exactly what happens when we dig deep with our host Ingrid Michaelson... Ingrid Michaelson SoulPancake
Live A Little Play Amazon Page HD
Candace Carrizales takes on new and unusual life experiences in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. In effort to go outside her comfort zone and "live a little". At the end of... Candace Carricales SoulPancake
Man On The Street Play Amazon Page HD
We ask random passerby on the street some of life's big questions. What is the biggest lie you've ever told? Who sees the real you? Why do we gossip? Los Angeles SoulPancake
The Marriage Project Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (2)   Four couples look back on their years of marriage and reflect on some of the most challenging and inspirational parts of their journeys. Bob Isabelle SoulPancake comedy, documentary, talkshow
Metaphysical Milkshake Play Amazon Page HD
All of Rainn Wilson's traveling talk show... In one spot. Hear actors, musicians, do-gooders, and all around talented folks answer some of life's big questions. Rainn Wilson SoulPancake
New Age Creators Play Amazon Page HD
Meet the New Age Creators! SoulPancake is excited to announce that for the next 3 months, the creators over at New Age Creators will be releasing some truly inspiring videos on... Ana Marta SoulPancake documentary, nonfiction, realitytv
Off The Easel Play Amazon Page HD
What inspires you to create? In this SoulPancake series, we follow three passionate artists working with diverse materials ranging from clothing, to glass, to steel. Shareen... Shareen Mitchell SoulPancake