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School Play

2010 5.0/5 (1)  IMDb 7.3/10 (7) TV-PG HD 70 minutes

SCHOOL PLAY is a heart warming comedy that follows 5 fifth graders as they become involved in their school's ambitious production of'The Wizard of Oz'. To a 10 year old, such events in life can seem insurmountable. The play is a challenge to the film's characters who struggle to define their own hopes, dreams and fears. From water fights to trampolines to school pressures and socialization, Jeff, Joey, Nick, Elizabeth and Isabelle are in between the two most formative stages in their lives. The play, then, becomes a canvas for each kid to shape his or her own identity. A spitting image of his father, Joey is a class clown with a sharp wit. He is just coming up on the age where girls find him interesting, although he may or may not be oblivious to it. Jeffrey is the quintessential"fat-kid", his attitudes inevitably effected and afflicted by his tenuous relationship with his father. Throughout the film, it is Jeffrey who we worry about. Naturally, he rejects the whole idea of a play at first. Isabelle is a highly motivated 10 year old. She is charismatic, well spoken, and observant-the kind of girl with that hungry look in her eyes. She immediately puts her heart and mind into the play. Opposite of Jeffrey, Elizabeth asserts her individuality with aplomb. Her quotes are imbibed with wisdom beyond her years. Nick is serious about his pursuit of acting which is only compromised by his the fact that he stutters. SCHOOL PLAY is a rare and insightful glimpse inside the elusive pre-teen mind. It sheds light onto the seldom heard musings of young people and in the process, takes people back to that age when the world was small and the possibilities were endless.

comedy, documentary, drama
Gravitas Ventures
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