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6 Majestic Surfing (4K UHD)

2019 1.0/5 (1)   NR SD 55 minutes

Starring Bobby Martinez, Dane Sealtooth Reynolds, JJ Florence, Mick Fanning and filmed over a five year period. The best action surfing documentary of the year. Bobby Martinez style, grace and filthy, filthy backside wave surfing. Dane Sealtooth Reynolds power gauge attack combo air reverse grab magic. John John Florence just WTF? at Pipeline style right tubes and huge air surfing hucks. Mick Fanning does not fight any sharks in this movie, but you will be amazed by his wave attack slight of hand. And Kelly Slater and Tom Curren - what more can be said? This is exclusive content.

Bobby Martinez
action, adventure, documentary
Josh Pomer Films
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