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Made In Heaven

1987 4.5/5 (322)  IMDb 6.5/10 (2.5k) PG HD 102 minutes

Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton stars with Kelly McGillis in anoffbeat romance that spans heaven and earth. When Mike Shea (Hutton)dies in the heroic rescue of a mother and her children, he goes toheaven and meets Annie Packert (McGillis), the love of his life, andafterlife. But she is a new soul and must still live as a mortal. Mikebreaks all the rules and convinces "the man in charge" to allow him toreturn to earth. But there is one stipulation: The lovers will remembernothing before being born--or reborn--and they must find each otherbefore the turn 30 ... or they will never meet again.

Timothy Hutton
comedy, drama, fantasy
Warner Bros.
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