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SlapHappy: Vaudeville Greats

NR SD 26 minutes

VAUDEVILLE GREATSMany of the comedy greats had their beginnings on the stage. Featuring Lupino Lane, Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, W.C. Fields, Will Rogers, Bert Williams, Harry Langdon and Buster Keaton. Clips include BE MY KING, THE RINK, DR. PYCKLE AND MR. PRIDE, SALLY OF THE SAWDUST, THE ROPIN' FOOL, NATURAL BORN GAMBLER, SATURDAY AFTERNOON and COPS.About SlapHappy CollectionA comprehensive compilation of silent film's funniest moments, the SlapHappy series celebrates the universal language of slapstick comedy. Showcasing 75 screen clowns and over 400 clips, this acclaimed 30-episode series profiles the studios, directors and performers who shaped the art of silent comedy.Each SlapHappy episode includes up to18 clips of superb print quality, lively narration, rare stills, sound effects, and a hot jazz soundtrack.As seen on PBS and around the world, SlapHappy and SlapHappy: The Movie are great fun for comedy fans of all ages.slaphappycollection.com

comedy, documentary
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