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1998 4.5/5 (714)  IMDb 6.0/10 (44k) R HD 98 minutes

Left for dead on a remote planet, a fallen hero has one last battle tofight as a Soldier.Kurt Russell stars as an elite warrior selected at birth for combat,stripped of his individuality and isolated from society. Todd (Russell)stoically adheres to one overriding principle--kill or be killed--untilhe is defeated in combat by Caine 607 (Jason Scott Lee), the best of thenext generation of fighters. Severely wounded, Todd is jettisoned on abackwater planet, where the pacifist local people nurse Todd back tohealth and gradually awaken Todd's long-suppressed humanity. But whenCaine 607 and his battalion attack, Todd rallies the gentle people whohave helped him to defend themselves against the ruthless invaders.

Kurt Russell
action, adventure, scifi
Warner Bros.
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