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Big & Small

2008 5.0/5 (1)  IMDb 7.8/10 (51) TV-NR HD

Each of episode of Big & Small episode contains a great story, a meaningful song and audience participation. What kind of story, you ask? Well, a gripping one - of course - with action and adventure and setbacks and mishaps and a nice, satisfying ending. Most of the mishaps and misadventures are the result of Big& Small's different takes on life. Big is very big, careful, cautious, considerate and honest. Big sees things from on high, so he feels very much at ease with the world. Small is very small, quick, loud, exuberant and dramatic. For Small the world is a nonstop adventure. They see things differently, and they feel differently, and they react differently and all of that has consequences. Tolerance plays a huge role in the special bond of friendship between Big& Small. And the fact that humour conquers all is at least equally important. Big& Small laugh an awful lot. Every episode is about the problems and fun of living with someone who is smaller or bigger or slower or faster than you. Because opposites attract, and in this case opposites lead to great stories.

comedy, family
Anderson Digital
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