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Released 2020

Alex Fernández: The Best Comedian in the World 2020 3.0 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Comic Alex Fernández performs his familiar autobiographical stories but goes a little deeper this time with a tender tale about one of his six siblings. Alex Fernández dir. Alex Díaz 51 minutes Jan 23, 2020 0
Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy 2020 2.0 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Ever the stand-up party animal, comic Bert Kreischer riffs on parenting and family life, being a gun and pet owner, his dad discovering pot, and more. Bert Kreischer dir. Jeff Tomsic 62 minutes Mar 17, 2020 0
Chris D'Elia: No Pain 2020 2.4 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Chris D'Elia takes the stage in Minneapolis to offer his thoughts on everything from self-censorship to problematic dolphins to lame mutant powers. Chris D'Elia dir. Matt D'Elia 55 minutes Apr 14, 2020 0
David A. Arnold: Fat Ballerina 2020 3.0 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Finally comfortable in his skin, seasoned comic David A. Arnold shares his talent for doing nothing, how he's petty and why divorce saves marriages. David A. Arnold dir. Milton Horowitz 60 minutes Mar 01, 2020 0
Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal 2020 2.4 TV-14 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page Two wily online scammers mend their fraudulent ways after meeting the girls of their dreams — until a deceitful discovery throws their world for a loop. Dulquer Salmaan, Ritu Varma, Rakshan, Niranjani Ahathian dir. Desingh Periyasamy 160 minutes Mar 29, 2020 0
Marc Maron: End Times Fun 2020 1.4 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Marc Maron wades through a swamp of vitamin hustlers, evangelicals and grown male nerd children, culminating in a gleefully filthy end-times fantasy. Marc Maron dir. Lynn Shelton 71 minutes Mar 10, 2020 0
Masameer - The Movie 2020 3.0 TV-14 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page A young girl passionate about AI sets out to make an impact as three friends become crime-fighting superheroes. Based on the hit animated web series. Malik Nejer, Shahad Alahmari, Abdulaziz Almuzaini, Yousef Aldakheel dir. Malik Nejer 99 minutes Mar 19, 2020 0
Maurício Meirelles: Generating Chaos 2020 3.0 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Comedian Maurício Meirelles explores his chaotic mind with scathingly funny views on family, prejudices, turtles and more in this stand-up special. Maurício Meirelles dir. Diego Pignataro 63 minutes Apr 16, 2020 0
Pete Davidson: Alive From New York 2020 1.9 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Comedian and "SNL" star Pete Davidson drops a candid and intimate stand-up special shot live in New York City. Pete Davidson dir. Jason Orley 49 minutes Feb 25, 2020 0
Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis 2020 2.4 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page She's halfway through her 20s — and she's over it. Too old to party, too young to settle down, comedian Taylor Tomlinson takes aim at her life choices. Taylor Tomlinson dir. Marcus Raboy 61 minutes Mar 03, 2020 0
Tom Papa: You're Doing Great! 2020 3.0 TV-14 UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Comedian Tom Papa takes on body image issues, social media, pets, Staten Island, the "old days" and more in a special from his home state of New Jersey. Tom Papa dir. Gregory Jacobs 60 minutes Feb 04, 2020 0
Tom Segura: Ball Hog 2020 2.2 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Tom Segura scores laughs with uncomfortably candid stories about mothers, fathers, following your dreams — and other things you'd rather not think about. Tom Segura dir. Rami Hachache 70 minutes Mar 24, 2020 0
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend 2020 4.2 TV-14 UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page It's an interactive Kimmy special! Kimmy's getting married, but first she has to foil the Reverend's evil plot. It's your move: What should she do next? Ellie Kemper, Jane Krakowski, Tituss Burgess, Carol Kane dir. Claire Scanlon 3 minutes May 12, 2020 0
Vir Das: For India 2020 3.0 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page From the Vedas to Vasco da Gama to vacuous Bollywood plotlines, comedian Vir Das celebrates the history of India with his one-of-a-kind perspective. Vir Das dir. Vir Das, Ajay Bhuyan 75 minutes Jan 26, 2020 0
Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill 2020 1.8 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Revisiting life goals set in a letter written as a teen to his future self, comedian Kanan Gill reports back on if he's lived up to his own expectations. Kanan Gill dir. Neville Shah 72 minutes Apr 24, 2020 0

Released 2019

4L 2019 3.0 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page Hoping to reunite with a dying friend, two longtime pals re-create their desert road trip from Spain to Mali, bringing along his estranged daughter. Jean Reno, Hovik Keuchkerian, Susana Abaitua, Juan Dos Santos dir. Gerardo Olivares 105 minutes Jul 12, 2019 0
Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward 2019 1.6 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Forging his own comedic boundaries, Anthony Jeselnik revels in getting away with saying things others can't in this stand-up special shot in New York. Anthony Jeselnik dir. Marcus Raboy 64 minutes Apr 30, 2019 0
¡Ay, mi madre! 2019 3.0 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page When her estranged mother suddenly dies, a woman must follow the quirky instructions laid out in the will in order to collect an important inheritance. Estefanía de los Santos, Secun de la Rosa, Terele Pávez, María Alfonsa Rosso dir. Frank Ariza 81 minutes Jul 19, 2019 0
Aziz Ansari: RIGHT NOW 2019 3.0 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page In a comedy special directed by Spike Jonze, Aziz Ansari shares deep personal insights and hilarious takes on wokeness, family and the social climate. Aziz Ansari dir. Spike Jonze 65 minutes Jul 09, 2019 0
Benjamin 2019 3.0 R SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page All hell breaks loose when a highly unqualified group of would-be interventionists unites to fight their youngest family member’s drug addiction. Bob Saget, Rob Corddry, Dave Foley, Kevin Pollak dir. Bob Saget 85 minutes Oct 22, 2019 0
Bill Burr: Paper Tiger 2019 2.2 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Bill Burr unloads on outrage culture, male feminism, cultural appropriation, robot sex and more in a blistering stand-up special shot in London. Bill Burr dir. Mike Binder 67 minutes Sep 10, 2019 0
Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones 2019 2.8 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page Dave Chappelle takes on gun culture, the opioid crisis and the tidal wave of celebrity scandals in a defiant stand-up special filmed in Atlanta. Dave Chappelle dir. Stan Lathan 65 minutes Aug 26, 2019 0
The Dirt 2019 3.6 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page In this unflinching biopic based on Mötley Crüe's best-selling book, four LA misfits navigate the monster highs and savage lows of music superstardom. Douglas Booth, Iwan Rheon, Colson Baker, Daniel Webber dir. Jeff Tremaine 108 minutes Mar 22, 2019 0
Dolemite Is My Name 2019 2.5 R UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page In 1970s LA, struggling comedian Rudy Ray Moore hits it big with his raunchy alter ego, Dolemite, then risks it all to take his act to the big screen. Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Keegan-Michael Key, Mike Epps dir. Craig Brewer 118 minutes Oct 25, 2019 0