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      Thu 13 Dec 2018

      38. Chicago LIVE - Starrcast 1h 11m play

      Guests: Young Bucks, Tommy Dreamer, Jimmy Jacobs, Shane Helms, Marty DeRosa & Sarah Shockey. Live from ALL IN weekend at the Starrcast infront of a live studio audience. This was taped the day AFTER... 27 more words

      Thu 06 Dec 2018

      37. A Little Tour of Ontario 39m play

      Guests: Honky Tonk Man, Paul London, Homicide, Cody Deaner, Scotty O'Shea, Eddie Kingston and more. Three shows, all in the province of Ontario, Canada including one on a native reserve. Sponsors: w... 15 more words

      Thu 29 Nov 2018

      36. PostGiving 21m play

      Guests: Trevor Lee, Matt Sydal, David Starr & Eddie Kingston. It's the loop during and after Thanksgiving. Join Colt as he wrestles in Chicago and Massachusetts. Sponsors: 11 more words

      Thu 22 Nov 2018

      35. Comedy + Wrestling 36m play

      Guest: Marty DeRosa joins Colt as together, they do a Midwest tour of both comedy and wrestling shows. Sponsors: Music: www.youtub... 9 more words

      Thu 15 Nov 2018

      34. Global Wars 2018 26m play

      Guests: Tommy Dreamer, Trent Beretta, David Arquette, Mark Briscoe, Todd Sinclair & Chuck Taylor. The ROH Global tour is upon on us for four days on the East Coast & Canada. Plus Colt heads to Pitts... 19 more words

      Thu 08 Nov 2018

      33. New Stars New Cigars 29m play

      Guests: Cody Rhodes, PJ Black, Colin Delaney, Hernandez, Frankie Kazarian. Colt talks to some of the newer names that showed up in the ROH lockeroom this past weekend along with Cody and Kaz who have... 25 more words

      Thu 01 Nov 2018

      32. The Jericho Cruise 33m play

      Guests: Kenny Omega, Raven, Christopher Daniels, Dalton Castle, Jay Lethal, Matt Taven & more. Four days in the sun, traveling on international water on a boat. Hear Colt and his wrestling friends d... 19 more words

      Thu 25 Oct 2018

      31. Full Schedule 44m play

      Guests: David Arquette, Jeff Jarrett, Cheerleader Melissa, Sami Callihan, Jake Manning, Caleb Konley, BBoy, Diavari, 2tuff Tony & RJ City. San Diego, Chicago, Iowa, Nashville and Louisville. A full ... 25 more words

      Thu 18 Oct 2018

      30. Swanson & Ritner 26m play

      Guests: Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham, Dave Lagana & Judge Jeff Jones. Colt announces shows for ROH in both Philadelphia and Baltimore. This week's podcast is less about the acti... 32 more words

      Thu 11 Oct 2018

      29. Canada To Bumble F 29m play

      Guests: Sonny Kiss, Frankie The Mobster, Stu Grayson, Hook and more! Colt has two shows this week. First show sees a midweek show in Ottawa, Canada at a college for college students. Then Colt driv... 48 more words

      Thu 04 Oct 2018

      28. The Kingdom 1h 1m play

      Guests: Matt Taven, TK O'Ryan & Vinny Marseglia. The Kingdom has been a great stable for ROH for over two years. Colt and the whole crew get together and talk wrestling and life. Sponsor: www.BlueC... 13 more words

      Thu 27 Sep 2018

      27. Unknown Territory 30m play

      Guests: Brody King, Brian Cage, Matt Cross, Truth Martini. This week Colt wrestles on the far East coast and the Midwest. Two different shows with two different locker rooms. Music: 9 more words

      Thu 20 Sep 2018

      26. Road To Sandwiches 30m play

      Guests: Hornswoggle, Mikey Whipwreck, Cheeseburger, Joey Ryan, Dick Justice, Nick Gage, Matthew Justice, & Drew Cordeiro. Another fun week traveling to four different states and three big pro wrestli... 28 more words

      Thu 13 Sep 2018

      25. UK TV Tapings & Media 39m play

      Guests: Dave Meltzer, Kushida, Kevin Kelly, James Mason, Alex Shane, Greg Burridge, Andy Quildan & Chris Roberts. Fresh off the heels of All In, Colt travels to the UK to do TV Tapings for REV PRO in... 34 more words

      Thu 06 Sep 2018

      24. ALL IN 51m play

      Guests: Cody, Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Rey Mysterio, Xpac, Matt Cross, Danny Daniels, Marko Stunt, Ehtan Page, Conrad Thompson & Justin Roberts. The most historic independent wrestling show of all t... 37 more words

      Thu 30 Aug 2018

      23. Edinburgh Fringe Final Week 38m play

      Guests: Ari Shaffir, Glenn Wool, John Hastings, Brendon Burns, Alice Fraiser & Tom Walker . Live from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. These are recorded LIVE at the Monkey Barrel in Edinburgh Scot... 33 more words

      Thu 23 Aug 2018

      22. Edinburgh Fringe Week 3 39m play

      Guests: John Robertson, John Hastings, Brendon Burns, Leo Kearse, Dylan Gott & Phil Ellis, . Live from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. These are recorded LIVE at the Monkey Barrel in Edinburgh Sco... 35 more words

      Thu 16 Aug 2018

      21. Edinburgh Fringe Week 2 45m play

      Guests: John Hastings, Brendon Burns, Mat Ricardo, Dave Maher, Russell Hicks, Time Renkow, Darius Davies, Spring Day & Scott Capurro. Live from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. These are recorded L... 41 more words

      Thu 09 Aug 2018

      20. Edinburgh Fringe Week 1 44m play

      Guests: Brendon Burns, John Robertson, Jamali Maddix, John Hastings, Russell Hicks, Danny Lobell & Erin McGathy. Live from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. These are recorded LIVE at the Monkey B... 34 more words

      Thu 02 Aug 2018

      19. Hall Of Fame 45m play

      Guests: Bruce Prichard, Conrad Thompson, Bob Holly, Davey Boy Smith Jr, Rory Fox, Brennon Martin, Kyle Klingman. Colt heads to Waterloo, IA to participate in the festivities of the Wrestling Hall Of ... 11 more words

      Thu 26 Jul 2018

      18. Wrestling At The Fair 37m play

      Guests: Jake The Snake Roberts, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Jeff Jarrett, Pat Buck & Kevin Matthews. Colt wrestles at the local Middletown, NY fair. WWE HOFers talk about the history and their history of wr... 16 more words

      Thu 19 Jul 2018

      17. West Coast 40m play

      Guests: John Morrison, Scoprio, Sky, Joey Ryan, Joey Janela, Kikutaro, Randy Myers, Peter Avalon. Join Colt as he heads west to Seattle and Southern California. Sponsor: (COD... 15 more words

      Thu 12 Jul 2018

      16. DubLondon 35m play

      Guests: Walter, Session Moth Martina, Martin Kirby, Luther Ward & Chris Roberts. Colt travels to the Dublin and London to wrestle internationally. Join along the ride of this short, but fun UK tour.... 10 more words

      Thu 05 Jul 2018

      15. Military Men 24m play

      Guests: Ben McCoy. Colt does commentary for the ROH PPV and TV Tapings but then goes and wrestles on a Military Base for the military families. Music: www.superfuny... 8 more words

      Thu 28 Jun 2018

      14. Mitzvah Heavyweight Champion 50m play

      Guests: Chuck Taylor, Chris Masters, MJF, Bad Bones, David Starr, Nate Webb, Orange Cassidy, Stu Stone, Magen Bros, Rich Palladino, Rory Gulak & Jack Armstrong. Colt goes to Chicago, Boston and wrest... 23 more words

      Thu 21 Jun 2018

      13 The Trial's Over, Let's Move On 34m play

      Guests: Nick Jackson, Hurrican Helms, Davey Boy Smith Jr & Mark Briscoe. Colt is in Dallas and San Antonio for ROH plus, he's ready to put all this trial stuff behind him! Sponsors: www.LightStream.c... 14 more words

      Thu 14 Jun 2018

      12. Trial Aftermath 43m play

      [FIXED] Guests: Mike Quackenbush, Crowbar, Fallah Bahh & Bryce Remsburg. Just a week after the trial that's shaken Colt, he still goes on the road to Philly & New Jersey. Sponsors: http://www.ROVER.... 16 more words

      Thu 07 Jun 2018

      11. The Trial 48m play

      CM Punk & Colt Cabana vs. Dr Amann. Colt takes you through the process of going to trial from jury selection to the final verdict and everything inbetween. SPONSOR: (COLT) Music: ww... 9 more words

      Thu 19 Apr 2018

      4. One Show In China 36m play

      Guests: Nick Aldis, Dave Marquez, Dave Lagana, Reno Scum and more. Colt travels to China for one show. It's the first time the NWA title has been defended there. Listen to the story behind this fun... 13 more words

      Thu 12 Apr 2018

      3. Welcome To Wrestlecon 53m play

      Guests: Mick Foley, One Man Gang, Grado, Jeff Cobb, Marty DeRosa, Hangman Page and many many more. It's 'Mania weekend in New Orleans and it's a long long week of conventions, matches, comedy, wrestl... 12 more words

      Thu 05 Apr 2018

      2. Korakuen Hall 36m play

      Guests: Joey Ryan, Ethan Page, Mike Bailey, Rekka, Haku, American Balloon. While still in Japan, Colt and the rest of the tour will be wrestling at the world famous Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Listen to... 30 more words

      Thu 29 Mar 2018

      1. Back In Japan 41m play

      Guests: Joey Ryan, Ethan Page, Speedball Mike Bailey, Rekka Colt is on a tour of DDT pro wrestling in Japan. This week's show is in front of a packed Sumo Hall in Tokyo. Hear talks with fellow wrest... 22 more words

      Thu 19 Oct 2017

      Pro Wrestling Fringe: DogLegs 21m play

      It’s a world where handicapped pro wrestlers enter the ring, put on a show, defy stereotypes and make you ask yourself many questions. Colt and Heath Cozens explore this amazing subculture that’s chan... 22 more words

      Thu 22 Dec 2016

      Pro Wrestling Fringe: Black & White 23m play

      In the 1950s, in racially segregated Memphis, Tennessee, Sputnik Monroe was a wrestling superstar. Colt and David Bixenspan discuss how Sputnik’s support of desegregation resonated throughout professi... 10 more words

      Thu 23 Jun 2016

      AOW: HOWL Presents 'Pro Wrestling Fringe' - Laugh 'Til It Hurts 21m play

      Season 2 of Pro Wrestling Fringe is now up. This story telling series is featured on available on iPhones and Androids. Sign up at and use the code: COLT, for one free month. Sponsor... 8 more words

      Thu 11 Feb 2016

      AOW: HOWL Presents 'Pro Wrestling Fringe' 21m play

      A preview of Colt's newest podcast venture, Pro Wrestling Fringe. This story telling series is featured on available on iPhones and Androids. Sign up at and use the code: COLT, for o... 3 more words