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      Thu 08 Nov 2018

      How to Use Facebook to Get Clients | Ep. 152 54m play

      What’s the key to creating loyal online relationships that eliminate the need to “sell”? How do you build authority and online presence that makes getting clients on Facebook easy and manageable? Je... 179 more words

      Mon 19 Mar 2018

      The Secret Code of Success: Optimal Health | Ep. 151 1h 13m play

      How much could you accomplish if you had endless energy throughout your day? What if you knew the one thing you could do that could make the MOST difference to your overall health? How would feeling b... 114 more words

      Thu 11 Jan 2018

      How To Change The World Working 12 Days a Month | Ep. 150 45m play

      Is it possible to work just 12 days a month, have a super successful business, and change the world?  Would that change how you approach your business? Would it redefine your vision of success? CEO ... 115 more words

      Sun 07 Jan 2018

      What’s the Biggest Reason People Do NOT Buy From You? | Ep. 108 video 9m play

      If you’re a heart-based entrepreneur, there’s a good chance you’re making a critical mistake that’s undermining your business. Luckily, it’s easy to fix. Today, I’ll give you two questions all heart... 77 more words

      Tue 24 Oct 2017

      Your Recipe For Your Money Making You More Money | Ep. 149 49m play

      There are common ingredients to creating financial freedom.  So what are the personalized ingredients to your wealth-building strategy? And while building wealth has gotten harder for most people in... 83 more words

      Tue 28 Feb 2017

      Big Shifts To Big Results | Ep. 148 video 5m play

      One of the scariest decisions I ever made was when I committed myself to doing live events. I had no idea how to do it but I knew if I took the risk my business would radically grow...and it did! ... 141 more words

      Thu 23 Feb 2017

      Is your desire to be liked driving clients AWAY? | Ep. 147 video 6m play

      For so many years of my life, all I wanted was to be accepted. I came to America when I was just 12 years old.  Being in a brand new country, I desperately wanted to fit in with the other kids. To b... 155 more words

      Sat 11 Feb 2017

      How To Fall In Love With Marketing | Ep. 146 video 5m play

      Valentine’s Day is almost here and I really want you to fall in love… …with your marketing! If you think it’s never going to happen, watch this video. The truth is, there’s nothing that would he... 125 more words

      Thu 09 Feb 2017

      How To Go From Procrastination To Creative Genius | Ep. 145 54m play

      If you’re a creative person, how do you know what to focus on when you can do just about anything? How do you get unstuck? Can you keep your creative integrity and have a successful business at the sa... 86 more words

      Mon 28 Nov 2016

      Can Spirituality & Wealth Co-Exist? | Ep. 144 video 4m play

      Can spirituality and generating tons of money co-exist? Is it spiritual to charge handsomely for what you do? I certainly don't have all the answers...but when I shared my views at a live workshop... 122 more words

      Sat 26 Nov 2016

      How I Got Over My Fear Of Pricing | Ep. 143 video 5m play

      A confession… I used to keep myself safe and comfortable by keeping my prices low. I was so afraid of hearing “NO” from potential clients that I priced my services really low so that getting a cli... 181 more words

      Tue 22 Nov 2016

      Why I Never Smiled | Ep. 142 video 5m play

      Most people don’t know I was born in the Ukraine. In Soviet culture, smiling in public was frowned upon. So I learned to never smile. Until, something changed my life forever. In this lies the... 130 more words

      Sun 13 Nov 2016

      Why I Never Charge What I’m Worth… | Ep. 141 video 5m play

      There are so many people in our industry (experts, teachers, coaches) that are constantly using this term “You gotta charge what you’re worth”. And that term pisses me off to no end. Watch now to ... 107 more words

      Wed 09 Nov 2016

      How to Hack Your Way to the Brain, Body, and Biz You’ve Always Wanted with Dave Asprey | Ep. 140 1h play

      What if you could change the software that runs your thoughts, and all your struggles in life simply disappeared? My guest today, Dave Asprey, has devoted himself to proving two amazing truths: 1)... 107 more words

      Sun 25 Sep 2016

      What Winston Churchill & Seth Godin Teach You About Success Mindsets | Ep. 99 video 9m play

      You can teach yourself to develop a mindset that makes you happier and more successful in the world. The good news is that it only takes 2 simple steps. Your personal qualities and even your basic o... 92 more words

      Sun 18 Sep 2016

      The #1 Time Waster in Your Business | Ep. 23 11m play

      Can a story about tires really help you in your business?  Here I am going to attempt the impossible… making a story about tires actually sound exciting and intriguing? Can I do it? You’ve gotta l... 41 more words

      Sun 11 Sep 2016

      Unstoppable Series: How to Attract Unstoppable Clients (Bonus Lesson!) Ep. 139 video 7m play

      Is there really such a thing as the ideal client? If you’re like me, you only want to work with the best clients in the world. The truth is, there’s one big eye-opening secret to attracting the ki... 91 more words

      Tue 06 Sep 2016

      Can a Nice Guy Really Finish First in Business? | Ep. 34 46m play

      Meet Nick Unsworth, serial entrepreneur and founder of Life on Fire. Besides being phenomenally successful online and as a social media expert, Nick is simply the “nicest guy ever.”  Can you be nice a... 175 more words

      Thu 01 Sep 2016

      Unstoppable Series: Self-Esteem (Lesson 4 of 4) Ep. 138 video 8m play

      Would you rather be liked? Or be successful being you? The truth is...if we can let go of what other people think of us, everything falls into place. But to do that, you need to have high self-est... 50 more words

      Fri 26 Aug 2016

      Is Being The Best Overrated? | Ep. 20 19m play

      Imagine, the number one hotdog-eating champion in the world can down 25 hotdogs in two minutes, including the bun. And when he was asked what his next goal was, his answer shocked reporters into open-... 218 more words

      Sun 21 Aug 2016

      Unstoppable Series: Fear (Lesson 3 of 4) Ep. 137 video 7m play

      Let’s talk about FEAR. Why is it that the people destined to do the best work in the world are often the ones stopped by fear? Maybe it’s because they don’t take the time to ask themselves this qu... 79 more words

      Tue 16 Aug 2016

      Your Worth Has Nothing To Do With Your Success | Ep. 16 53m play

      From running a few $2 million companies to intentionally declaring bankruptcy, Alexis Neely, aka Ali Shanti, steps up to talk about her relationship with money, and how she built her third – yes, thir... 130 more words

      Wed 10 Aug 2016

      The Real Key to Success in the 21st Century | Ep. 07 video 8m play

      There is a reason why most businesses fail within their first three years. In this video, I will share the real reason why so many people fall short of achieving the success they really want. I wo... 67 more words

      Sat 06 Aug 2016

      Unstoppable Series: Being Seen (Lesson 2 of 4) Ep. 136 video 3m play

      We all crave being seen. But...sometimes we hide the best part of us because we’re not comfortable enough with ourselves. Not only does our business suffer, we feel... Constricted. Constrained.... 18 more words

      Mon 01 Aug 2016

      Unstoppable Series: Your Shield is Your Crutch (Lesson 1 of 4) Ep. 135 video 4m play

      As business owners and entrepreneurs, we all do things to protect ourselves from fear and self-doubts. But what if in protecting ourselves, we lose a lot more than we gain?   There is a way to the... 14 more words

      Sun 31 Jul 2016

      The One Thing You Need To Do Every Day | Ep. 14 25m play

      “Do something every day that scares me.”   It is this quote I wrote for myself on a napkin that led me to saying, “Yes” to a car racing experience that I thought might just kill me. For two days, I... 95 more words

      Sun 24 Jul 2016

      How to Create a Personal Brand Using Social Media with Gary Vaynerchuck | Ep. 134 48m play

      It’s truth time about the outrageous power of social media to make your business soar! In 2009 I interviewed Internet celebrity Gary Vaynerchuk. And now when I listen to our conversation, I’m amazed... 87 more words

      Sun 17 Jul 2016

      The Immersion Mindset (Doing Less = Doing Better) | Ep 15 video 5m play

      If you are going to be doing something, you might as well do it well…  But here’s the thing, it’s hard to get good at any one thing if you’re trying to get good at everything at the same time. What’... 105 more words

      Sun 10 Jul 2016

      How Richard Branson’s Goldfish Miracle Taught Me What Matters Most in Business (Lesson 5 of 5) | Ep. 133 18m play

      Do you ever feel you have to pretend to be something you’re not in order to succeed in business? It just got safe to stop pretending! Richard Branson showed me that the only way to build the busines... 76 more words

      Sun 03 Jul 2016

      How to Hack Your Own Mind with Vishen Lakhiani | Ep. 132 56m play

      What if you could hack your own mind to achieve unimaginable levels of happiness, purpose, and success? My guest today, Vishen Lakhiani, will reveal his secret code for transcending your own conscio... 95 more words

      Sun 26 Jun 2016

      The Perfect Antidote to Procrastination | Ep. 12 video 5m play

      If you want to get more done – in life or in business – I’ve got the solution for you. In this video, I’ll give you a tip that will set you over the edge, tipping gracefully towards success, just by f... 179 more words

      Tue 21 Jun 2016

      Richard Branson and The Forgotten Lesson of Business Success (Lesson 4 of 5) | Ep. 131 23m play

      Today we’re going to banish forever the idea that you have to sacrifice or suffer to be successful. Richard Branson taught me a simple practice that can make your business flourish and your life unf... 66 more words

      Thu 16 Jun 2016

      A Proven Plan to Get the Life You Want | Ep. 130 37m play

      Have you ever wished you had a blueprint for getting exactly the life you want? Well, today you get one! Most of us plan certain parts of our lives in order to achieve specific goals. But in other a... 103 more words

      Sat 11 Jun 2016

      Isaac Newton’s Guide to More Sales | Ep. 129 video 6m play

      Want scientific proof that “selling” is bad for your business? You got it! If you hate “sales” conversations, you’re about to meet a new friend. His name is Sir Isaac Newton, and he proved 300 yea... 74 more words

      Mon 06 Jun 2016

      Tucker Max on How to Write Your Book in Just 12 Hours | Ep. 128 59m play

      Writing a book takes a long time, right? Wrong! My guest today, Tucker Max, spent five years on the New York Times Best Seller list. Today he’s sharing his amazing discovery: A process that takes ... 98 more words

      Wed 01 Jun 2016

      Richard Branson’s Secret for Mastering Anything (Lesson 3 of 5) | Ep. 127 29m play

      What does it take to truly master something? I learned the surprisingly simple secret from business master: Richard Branson. It’s a secret that changes everything… Because it gives you the power t... 56 more words