Stephen Chow 5 matches

Released 2001

Shaolin Soccer 2001 2.6/5 PG-13 HD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A down-and-out ex-soccer player joins forces with a former monk to assemble an unlikely team of players to win the China Super Cup soccer tournament. Stephen Chow, Zhao Wei, Ng Man-Tat, Tse Yin dir. Stephen Chow 87 minutes Nov 01, 2018 6

Released 1994

Love on Delivery 1994 3.0/5 TV-14 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer To prove himself to a love interest, a delivery boy learns dubious kung fu from an aging charlatan so he can challenge his archrival to a fight. Stephen Chow, Christy Chung, Ng Man-Tat dir. Stephen Chow 93 minutes Aug 16, 2018 3

Released 1993

The Mad Monk 1993 3.0/5 TV-14 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer To avoid punishment for his misdeeds, an arrogant god accepts a mission to reform three mortals on earth, where he must also contend with a demon. Stephen Chow, Maggie Cheung, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Kirk Wong dir. Johnnie To 85 minutes Aug 16, 2018 1

Released 1992

Justice, My Foot! 1992 3.0/5 TV-14 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Slick lawyer Sung fears he's been cursed with bad karma and considers giving up his practice -- until he's approached by a widow accused of murder. Stephen Chow, Anita Mui, Carrie Ng, Wai Ai dir. Johnnie To 95 minutes Aug 01, 2018 0

Released 1990

Look Out, Officer 1990 3.0/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer An officer killed on the job returns to Earth as a ghost to solve his own murder and seek justice with the help of a rookie cop and some funky magic. Stephen Chow, Bill Tung, Stanley Fung Sui-Fan, Vivian Chan dir. Sze Yu Lau 88 minutes Aug 16, 2018 4