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Released 2019

Drug Squad: Costa del Sol 2019 2.0/5 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Four intrepid and impulsive police officers form a special narcotics unit to combat the birth of drug trafficking on Spain's Costa del Sol in the 1970s. Hugo Silva, Álvaro Cervantes, Miki Esparbé, Jesús Castro Oct 25, 2019 0

Released 2017

Dismissal 2017 3.0/5 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A Spaniard working in Argentina sees his life upended after accidentally giving bad directions to a passerby, who demands compensation for the error. Imanol Arias, Darío Grandinetti, Hugo Silva, Luis Luque dir. Lucas Figueroa 89 minutes Dec 30, 2017 0
The Ministry of Time / Season 3 2017 3.0/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Series Netflix Page trailer While grieving the loss of one of its own, the Ministry is called upon to right historical wrongs from 16th-century Mexico to 20th-century France. Jaime Blanch, Nacho Fresneda, Francesca Piñón, Aura Garrido Jan 28, 2018 13 episodes

Released 2016

We Need to Talk 2016 3.0/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A happy woman's new love is going great, but she needs one thing: divorce papers from her depressed ex. To get them, trickery may be in order. Hugo Silva, Michelle Jenner, Ernesto Sevilla, Belén Cuesta dir. David Serrano 90 minutes Sep 01, 2016 0

Released 2015

The Ministry of Time 2015 2.4/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Three officers from different eras work for a secret agency guarding Spain's past from time-traveling intruders trying to manipulate history. Rodolfo Sancho, Aura Garrido, Nacho Fresneda, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo Jan 28, 2018 1
My Big Night 2015 3.0/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer An unemployed man gets a job as an extra at the shooting of a New Year's Eve TV special that's beset by crises and seems to go on forever. Raphael, Mario Casas, Pepón Nieto, Blanca Suárez dir. Álex de la Iglesia 97 minutes Oct 01, 2016 0