Pick a random title Sharknado 2: The Second One

2014 2.6/5 TV-14 SuperHD 90 minutes

A freak weather system turns its fury on New York City, unleashing a deadly Sharknado on the Big Apple, and Fin and April are back to save the day.

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Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath, Kari Wuhrer, Courtney Baxter, Dante Palminteri, Judd Hirsch, Stephanie Abrams, Kurt Angle Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante

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Languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish

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Ridiculousness. Super-ridiculousness. Mega-ridiculousness. Meta-ridiculousness. Love. Fireworks.

Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times, 2014-08-04


Because they put the pedal to the metal and go full, screaming, bedazzled monkeypants crazy from beginning to end, it sort of works.

Linda Holmes, NPR, 2014-07-31


Kind of hilarious. Kind of silly. Mostly a game of spot-the-cameo players and teasing about what moment a certain chainsaw will come in contact with certain bodies.

Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post, 2014-07-31


Syfy's made-for-TV movie Sharknado 2: The Second One is just as bad as the original Sharknado, which means it's just as good. It's the perfect way to kill two hours with one's brain in sleep mode.

Tom Conroy, Media Life, 2014-07-30


Fasten your seatbelt for a wicked homage. This Sharknado is the very definition of scared silly.

Frazier Moore, Associated Press, 2014-07-28


As hard as we howled at the ghastliness being projected on the wall above us, I didn't see anyone at the Sharknado party who was giving the film his or her full attention, especially after the first 30 minutes.

Hank Stuever, Washington Post, 2014-07-30


In other words, if you're in the Sharknado fan club, you'll probably like the sequel. If not, you'll probably ignore it and watch something else. In either case, enjoy.

Gail Pennington, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2014-07-30


Unfortunately, the movie doesn't really do anything truly memorable with all these [guest stars], as if just getting these actors to show up were enough. That's largely true of the sharks as well.

Neil Genzlinger, New York Times, 2014-07-30


The overall effect isn't quite intoxicating, and it might be better if you're intoxicated in one form or another.

Ed Bark, Uncle Barky, 2014-07-29


Aside from a few clever moments, the creatives haven't managed to bridge the gap between blood-spurting exploitation and winking genre parody.

Brian Lowry, Variety, 2014-07-28


The Second One is also more predictable, silly and self-conscious of the legacy -- absurd as it might seem to use the word "legacy" anywhere near a review about Sharknado.

Verne Gay, Newsday, 2014-07-28


Usually, follow-ups to goofy films like the first Sharknado suffer because the makers are too conscious of the original. In this case, though, they just don't seem to give a shark.

David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle, 2014-07-25