Pick a random title Danger Mouse: Classic Collection / Season 8

1987 3.0/5 TV-Y SD

Danger Mouse and Penfold must foil a plot to turn sunlight into darkness, and a mind-control machine turns Danger Mouse's sidekick against him.

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Languages: Spanish

Available since Jun 15, 2015.

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Danger Mouse: Classic Collection 1981 3.0/5 TV-Y SD Play Queue Netflix Page Follow the adventures of superspy Danger Mouse and his bumbling sidekick, Penfold, as they jet around the world foiling their enemies' evil plots. David Jason, Terry Scott, Edward Kelsey, Brian Trueman Jun 15, 2015


1. Gremlin Alert 1987 TV-Y SD Play Queue Series Netflix Page After London is shrouded in darkness for nearly a week, Danger Mouse and Penfold rocket into outer space to investigate the cause. 10 minutes Jun 15, 2015
2. Cor! What a Picture! 1987 TV-Y SD Play Queue Series Netflix Page When Baron Greenback uses his mind control machine and a passport photo to turn Penfold into an assassin, Danger Mouse is first on his hit list. 10 minutes Jun 15, 2015