Pick a random title Dope / Season 2

2018 3.0/5 TV-MA SuperHD

The drug war never ends. Camera crews follow smugglers, users and law enforcement agencies across Indiana, the Caribbean, Detroit and Atlanta.

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Languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish

Available since Apr 20, 2018.

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Dope 2017 3.8/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page Filmed from the perspectives of dealers, users and the police, this vivid series offers a bracing look at the war on drugs. Dec 22, 2017


1. In This Business You Have No Friends, Only Enemies 2018 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Series Netflix Page As smugglers attempt to sneak drugs across the Caribbean, U.S. law enforcement agencies work to intercept the shipments before they reach land. dir. Nonuk Walter 46 minutes Apr 20, 2018
2. You're Too Innocent for This Game 2018 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Series Netflix Page Across cities and farms, meth addiction grips the state of Indiana, overwhelming cops and forcing countless residents to seek "refuge in oblivion." 43 minutes Apr 20, 2018
3. I'm Gonna Get Me That White People Money 2018 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Series Netflix Page In America's Motor City, dealers cut corners to sell molly to the masses while police officers try to "think like the bad guys." dir. George Amponsah 47 minutes Apr 20, 2018
4. Feeling Rather Groovy Like a $2 Movie 2018 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Series Netflix Page As violent street gangs attempt to squeeze out the old guard in Atlanta, a bounty hunter prowls for gang-connected dealers. dir. Roeland Doust 42 minutes Apr 20, 2018